VMworld Showcases Flexibility of Dell EMC Platforms

first_imgThere are two dominant classes of IT infrastructure being deployed today inside most data centers. The first is traditional rack-based systems running legacy applications that have been modernized employing converged infrastructure (CI). The second are appliances based on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) architecture that more tightly couple compute and storage together. In general, HCI platforms are optimized for more modern applications that are starting to be deployed by IT organizations at an accelerated rate.At the recent VMworld 2017 conference Dell EMC was proud to demonstrate how closely we are working with IT organizations of all sizes to leverage the benefits of either class of IT infrastructure depending on their unique application requirements. Every IT organization starts the shift to modern HCI and CI platforms from a different place. Many are still employing legacy rack-based systems based on traditional IT infrastructure that is both expensive to deploy and difficult to manage. Others have deployed CI systems that reduce much of the complexity associated with managing rack systems, while others are further along in that they have also embraced HCI platform that combine compute and storage in way that not only reduces costs, but also makes the IT organization a lot more agile in terms of being able to respond to changing business conditions.We’re excited that Dell EMC customers at different points across the CI and HCI continuum were more than willing to share their IT platform expertise and experience with Dell EMC. Keith Nunnery, IT systems administrator for Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging, a medical radiology company based in Las Vegas, shared how the shift to the VxRail HCI platform from Dell EMC running VMware software has effectively freed him from having to continually monitor legacy IT infrastructure.At the conference Nunnery explained Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging as an early adopter of VxRail to transition from an IT environment consisting of 90 servers running individual applications to a couple of VxRail appliances configured with solid-state drives (SSDs). The shift, added Nunnery, made it possible for his company to consolidate over 80 percent of its storage systems, while at the same time providing a 50 percent boost in application performance.Because that environment is a lot more automated using the VMware vCenter management framework Nunnery said his job is now 100 percent easier because he’s no longer constantly looking to see where our performance bottlenecks may arise or trying to plan for upgrade cycles. He also benefits from having one Dell EMC source for all updates, patches and security bulletins. That capability makes it feasible for Nunnery to consider both additional applications requiring new IT processes because he’s no longer worried about whether the IT infrastructure environment is available or not.Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging decided to make a complete HCI transition. But there are still large number of legacy applications that require access to traditional rack-based systems. Because of that issue most IT organizations are going to wind up lowering the cost of deploying and managing rack-based systems using CI platforms such as Dell EMC VxRack and VBlock systems, while simultaneously taking advantage of HCI platforms such as VxRail to run modern applications.Cases in point are Johnsonville Sausage and the University of San Diego (USD). Johnsonville Sausage first replaced legacy IBM rack-based systems with a more modern VBlock system from Dell EMC to reduce costs. Johnsonville Sausage relies on the Block system to run its implementation of VMware Horizon virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software. But Johnsonville Sausage is now also employing VxRail appliances in its branch offices. Corey Aponte, server administrator for Johnsonville Sausage, says the VxRail appliances provide him with peace of mind because not only can they all be managed via one pane of glass, he can run system updates without ever having to take the appliances down. That’s critical, says Aponte, because Johnsonville Sausage is running three shifts a day on a 24×7 basis a full seven days a week.Aponte notes it’s also a lot easier to bring additional capacity on line in a few minutes. That allows the company’s internal IT organization to provide a public cloud like experience that can keep pace with the business as it expands.USD, meanwhile, recently upgraded its Vblock System with a new flash-optimized VxBlock System 350 to support its four campus data centers. At the same time, USD is now employing a Dell EMC VxRail Appliance in a disaster avoidance site located in Phoenix, Arizona. Mike Somerville, IT Manager, systems & support and chief cloud evangelist for USD and President of the CONVERGED User Group, said he expects to spin up virtual machines on the VxRail Appliance at its Phoenix backup site in 15 minutes to provide the resilience required to prevent major disruptions to IT services.Somerville said that approach not only injects much-needed agility into the university’s IT operations, it has been able to cut both implementation and ongoing operational costs. USD is now able to run four times the number of applications on its VxBlock System in support of a a private cloud that is cost equivalent to a public cloud, said Somerville.Better still, that private cloud provides 10 Gbps of throughout to provide each end uses with on average access of 1 Gbp versus having to rely on a standard Internet connection.The goal, said Somerville, is not just keep the proverbial IT lights on, but rather free up the IT team to expand the range of IT services being provided.USD, Johnsonville Sausage, and Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging are now part of a vibrant CI and HCI community that includes organizations ranging from non-profits such as Boys Town and healthcare service providers such as Inovalon to construction companies such as Cianbro.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLrpiaCeCFMIn each case the IT organization is being tasked to reduce costs while at the same time become more agile in terms of being able to provide IT services. Pre-integrated systems from Dell EMC that are the only platforms co-engineered with VMware make it uniquely possible to achieve both those goals with compromise.last_img read more

Akpeyi eligible for South African citizenship

first_imgRelatedPosts Akpeyi’s South African club gets new coach Super Eagles soar on FIFA ranking FIFA ranking: Nigeria moves up by two spots, now world 29th Super Eagles goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi is eligible to apply for South African citizenship next season.The goalie arrived in the country in 2015, meaning he will complete their five-year stay in South Africa at the of the current campaign. Akpeyi signed for Chippa United from Warri Rovers before joining Amakhosi in January 2018 following an injury to Itumeleng Khune.He has managed to keep the No.1 shirt at the club, relegating Khune to the bench, especially this term.Akpeyi has also signed new two-year deal with Amakhosi and have, therefore, freed up foreign spot.However, for the Soweto giants to use the space left in their foreign quota, they will have to win their appeal against the two-window transfer ban imposed by Fifa in February this year.With Akpeyi set to be registered as a local player, Chiefs will then have a foreign international registered. Tags: CitizenshipDaniel AkpeyiSouth AfricaSuper Eagleslast_img read more

Buy This Comic MANEATERS 1

first_img Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: CRIMINY Stay on target “A mutation in Toxoplasmosis causes menstruating women to turn into ferocious killer wildcats—easily provoked and extremely dangerous. As panic spreads and paranoia takes root, the fate of the world rides on the shoulders of one twelve-year-old girl. Part Cat People, part The Handmaid’s Tale, MAN-EATERS will have everyone talking.”MAN-EATERS #1(W): Chelsea Cain (A): Kate Niemczyk (C): Rachelle Rosenberg (L): Joe CaramagnaJust like the description indicates, Man-Eaters will definitely get everyone talking. And trust me, I haven’t stopped yet. Last week, I gave my friend the description of this comic. She said, “No way is that an actual comic.” Ah, little does she know, low and behold, Chelsea Cain made it happen. Man-Eaters is a clever take on that time of the month and how it effects. However, it’s also very scarily accurate to today’s political climate that sees teenage girls, or girls in general, as something to indeed fear.via Image ComicsChelsea Cain continues to be unapologetic when it comes to her writing. Cain has taken on the best of them and come out swinging because she’s just that damn good. Cain tells the stories of women in a way that we haven’t seen before. In Man-Eaters, she matches that strong feminism with biting wit. She creates an alternative yet haunting future where teenage girls who aren’t given a choice in the future that they’ve been given. It’s such an outstanding debut of a comic that hits on all the right notes that would scare men, women and all people alike.The inspiration she draws on within this comic is something that honestly fascinates me. I wanted to dive a little deeper into it. Please indulge me just this bit. “Part Cat People, part The Handmaid’s Tale” could not be further from each other, but together it makes so much sense of how Cain does this first issue so wonderfully.Cat People is a movie where a woman has to suppress her sexual urges and keep in line. She is very much afraid that if she expressed them, she would turn into a big ol’ cat. Handmaiden’s Tale is the dystopian future where a woman is stripped of their rights altogether. However, in a world where handmaidens are meant to bring children into this world, it’s a bit of a no-no to have your period. Taking the ‘they turn into a cat’ with ‘after they get their periods’ is brilliance. I am in utter awe. Bringing these two inspirations together to create Man-Eaters is something of a glorious mesh of storytelling that only Cain can come up with. This along with a protagonist that is about to go through the most important and toughest time of her life.via Image ComicsSpeaking of the young protagonist, one thing that very much sticks with you in Cain’s writing is how much she’s telling the experience through a twelve-year-old. She’s smart and observant of the world going on around her, especially with her dad being a police officer. You immediately identify with her. As she narrates the story, you feel uneasy about the world she’s a part of. The politics, agenda, and freedom of the people all combine in a harrowing sense of fear for anyone of “her kind.”The ending of this comic almost floored me. Our protagonist gets the one thing that might be harmful to her and will change her life forever. Her period. Cain writes something so relatable, but funny and eerie, but hypnotizing. She masters all of this in just one issue. It will leave you scratching your head with how much more she’s going to bring you in the future. (Put her back on Vision, you cowards.)Kate Niemczyk is such a superb artist that you’d be an absolute fool to ignore everything she can do. She continues to bring such high visuals to Cain’s comics. They’re one of my favorite comic marriages of artist and writer. This must have Rachelle Rosenberg in this marriage with her colors as well. Niemczyk’s art brings more of the narrative to the forefront, sneaking in small details within to give you such a feel for this world. She gives way to some stunning panels that you can’t help but look inside and see every little piece that’s there.via Image ComicsFor example, there’s a two-pager that’s one panel, and she gives that entire thing such a personality. It’s just a set of apartment buildings on top of shops. However, you feel like you have a sense of your everyday hometown. You even feel this with our protagonist. She gives her a design that we all can relate to and yet has everyday little random things within her space. Niemczyk’s art brings that out in Man-Eaters, you’re left feeling like this place could be anywhere or anytime. Even the additional interior arts by Stella Greenvoss melts into this world of wonder. They sit you down in this world, straps you in and let you piece together the journey that you’re about to head into.I LIVE for Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors in this issue. She creates so many different types of moods with her colors that you’re left amazed by how she does it. She brings natural colors in that supply the feeling of the “hometown” effect of Niemczyk’s art. But then, it sometimes shifts. You venture into the dark and gritty panels when the cats attack. Or, the sobering sunset colors of the girls in line and chained. It’s such a duel mood with her colors in this book that it leaves you with a knot. Niemczyk’s art goes hand in hand with Rosenberg’s dynamic colors. It captures and creates the overall feeling of being unsafe in this world and not knowing what’s going to happen next.via Image ComicsJoe Caramagna letters in a way that doesn’t let you miss a bit of the action in this comic. He also letters in a way that makes the dialogue funnier. I know that’s a bit weird to say. Caramagna knows how to place in a way that lets everything land properly. He allows your eyes to scan from panel to panel, but space his balloon placements enough or close enough to let them be just so funny. There’s a couple of panels at the beginning where I couldn’t help but giggle. This was because of Cain’s script, but the flow came from the placement of Caramagna’s letters.Man-Eaters #1 is a triumph from a team that brings their own undeniable storytelling that is meant to be seen and heard. It fills all the criteria you want in a comic: feminism, revenge, cats, cool t-shirts you definitely will want to make, and more. Man-Eaters #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.9/26/2018 Releases – In addition to MAN-EATERS #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Beasts of Burden: Wise Dogs and Eldritch Men #2 by Evan Dorkin (W), Benjamin Dewey (A) Dark Horse ComicsDream Daddy #2 by Lee C.A (W), Jack Gross (A) Oni PressCold Spots #2 by Cullen Bunn (W), Mark Torres (A) Image ComicsCyber Force Vol. 1: Awakening by Matt Hawkins, Bryan Edward Hill (W), Atilio Rojo (A), Marc Silvestri (CA) Top Cow ProductionsWasted Space Vol. 1 by Michael Moreci (W), Hayden Sherman (A) Vault ComicsInfidel by Pornsak Piechetshote (W) Aaron Campbell (A) Jose Villarrubia (C) Jeff Powell (L) Image ComicsWitchblade #8 by Caitlin Kittredge (W), Roberta Ingranata (A) Top Cow ProductionsGoosebumps: Download and Die by Jen Vaughn (W) Michelle Wong (A) IDW PublishingFriendo #1 by Alex Paknadel (W) Martin Simmonds (A) Vault ComicsWant to support great indie creators, we’ve got 5 Kickstarter campaigns to kick money to. 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