Groundbreaking today for new Brattleboro yogurt factory

first_imgVermont Governor Jim Douglas as well as federal, state and local officials will join Commonwealth Dairy officials at a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the company s Brattleboro, Vermont plant today. The company is planning a $32 million, state-of-the-art, LEED compliant, Class II dairy processing facility that includes alternative energy sources and will be designed to accept milk from the open market as well as segregated milk streams, such as organic and local. The 39,000-square foot production facility will be built on 5.9 acres of land in the Delta Campus. The facility is expected to create at least 24 jobs within 3 years. This is a key milestone for our vision of a world-class yogurt facility here in Vermont, said Dieter Dobousek, Commonwealth Dairy s Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. We are looking forward to being an important part of the Brattleboro and Vermont family, and you have made us feel very welcome.Commonwealth is partnering with Ehrmann AG, a German yogurt maker with more than a billion dollars in sales in 40 European countries. We are committed to making Commonwealth an industry leader, said Christian Ehrmann, Chairman of the Board of Ehrmann AG. Like the State of Vermont, our company has built its reputation on quality, and we are looking forward to continuing that legacy here.Last year, the Vermont Economic Progress Council approved up to $1,201,154 in Vermont Employment Growth Incentives for the company, and the Vermont Community Development Program approved a $639,920 community development block grant to the town of Brattleboro to loan to Commonwealth for fit-up costs.Staff for Senator Patrick Leahy announced that he has secured a $300,000 federal grant for the project, finalizing a public and private investment that will create these jobs in Brattleboro and boost demand for Vermont milk. The Town of Brattleboro, the State of Vermont, and the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation have helped facilitate a great opportunity for Brattleboro and all of Vermont additional value-added dairy processing capabilities here in Vermont, which means jobs in the processing plant and more demand for Vermont milk, said Leahy, a veteran member of the Senate Agriculture Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee.The Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation (BDCC) will use the grant to complete a $1.15 million public-private partnership to build a $1.15 million water line to the Delta Campus, a business park located just West of Interstate 91.In addition, the Vermont Economic Development Authority approved a $1.3 million loan to Commonwealth last year as part of a $26.3 million financing package utilizing the U.S. Treasury Department s New Market Tax Credits to provide a portion of the equity funding in addition to participation by Wainwright Bank and U.S. Bankcorp.The company will make yogurt for other companies under private label and co-pack arrangements; as well as produce and sell its own all-natural, rBST-free Mountainberry branded product. Marketing for the brand is focused on the local, Made in Vermont nature of the product.Source: Governor’s office. Leahy’s office. 3.18.2010-30-last_img read more

Forging his way in finance

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » Once upon a time, Brent Rempe was a bit of a black sheep among the finance majors at Oklahoma State University.A lot of the other students in the business school were there to maximize their personal status and net worth. Rempe, however, knew he didn’t want to follow the herd to a high-powered, high-paying job on Wall Street.Instead, he wanted to use his financial knowledge and business acumen in service of others. He just wasn’t sure how.Upon graduation, he joined the public service AmeriCorps program, which took him to a high school in Portland, Ore. It was there, while serving as a corporate internship program assistant director, he discovered a passion for education and an interest in fostering ties among businesses, civic organizations, and schools.last_img read more

President must dissolve Parliament – fmr National Assembly Clerk

first_img… says it demonstrates sincere intent to hold early electionsPrior to the holding of a General and Regional elections, Parliament has to be dissolved by a proclamation from the President with a set date for elections. Despite the passage of a No-Confidence Motion against his government over seven months ago, however, President David Granger has failed to do anything.Former Clerk of the National Assembly, Frank NarineIn an interview with Guyana Times on Sunday, longstanding former Clerk of the National Assembly, Frank Narine asserted that indeed the President was supposed to dissolve Parliament before an election date could be set – if elections are to be held.“Everyone seems to be interpreting the Constitution in their own way,” he asserted. “The Constitution says what must happen. Article 106 says that when a No-Confidence Motion is passed, the President and Cabinet have to resign. And it goes on to say elections must be held in three months after the passing of the motion, unless the National Assembly extends the time.“The President has to proclaim a date for elections. And it is the President who will have to dissolve Parliament before elections. The President has to formally issue a proclamation dissolving Parliament, so the National Assembly can’t meet. Members cease to be members … I think if it’s dissolved, it means he’s serious: he’s going to have elections. But the President hasn’t done anything.”Narine noted that when the No-Confidence Motion was passed, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) should have been getting its systems ready for the possibility of holding elections and not idling. He likened it to staff knowing what they have to do, but failing to carry out their mandate.“It means they were sleeping. If the President has a member of staff and he says I want this report by the end of the month, and that staff member fails to give it, what must the President do? It means the President has the wrong staff member. Did they get directions not to (get ready to) hold elections?”President David GrangerAlready, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has ruled out his side supporting any extension of the life of the Government through Parliament. According to Article 106 of the Constitution, such an extension requires a two-thirds majority of all members of National Assembly.Article 106 (6) of the Constitution states: “The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.”Meanwhile, Article 106 (7) states: “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.”Such a No-Confidence Motion was passed on December 21, 2018 and according to Jagdeo, during a previous press conference, Government sought to delay election preparations rather than comply with the Constitution. As a consequence, the Opposition Leader said that the window for his side to agree to extend their time in Government has closed. Meanwhile, GECOM has no Chairman.Since the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that former GECOM Chairman, Retired Justice James Patterson was appointed unconstitutionally, he has resigned. As such, Jagdeo and Granger have been trying to find a replacement to carry out the necessary early elections. In keeping with this, Jagdeo submitted a list of 11 nominees gleaned from the lists he submitted in 2017, before Patterson’s unilateral appointment.On the other hand, President Granger’s informal list includes Retired Justices James Patterson, Claudette La Bennett and Stanley Moore as well as economist Aubrey Armstrong, Attorney Kesaundra Alves and former Solicitor General Kim Kyte. The President also proposed known People’s National Congress (PNC) affiliates Stanley Ming (a former PNC parliamentarian) and Kads Khan.last_img read more

Will Kevin Durant stay? Warriors luminaries chime in

first_imgThe topic became a season-long fascination through the walls of Oracle Arena, through the streets of Oakland and San Francisco and on any social media outlet. It is a topic that Warriors luminaries Rick Barry, Clifford Ray and Jamaal Wilkes have wondered about as well.Will Kevin Durant stay or go? The Warriors will receive some clarity when free agency begins on Sunday at 3 pm PT. Before that, there will be hand wringing over whether Durant signs with the New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets. …last_img read more

MH370: New image of 300 objects

first_imgA Thai satellite has detected over 300 objects floating in the south Indian Ocean near the search area for the missing flight MH370.The discovery was reported only 24 hours after the Malaysian government revealed 122 objects had been seen about 2557 kms from Perth, ranging in length from 1m to 23m.Anond Snidvongs, director of Thailand’s space technology development agency, said yesterday that the images show “300 objects of various sizes” about 2,700 kilometers south-west of Perth.The images were taken by the Thaichote satellite on Monday and took two days to process before being relayed to Malaysian authorities on Wednesday.The objects which range from 2m to 15m in size are about 200kms from the area where the French satellite spotted the 122 objects.However the air and sea search has failed to locate any major body of debris.And yesterday the air search was called off because of bad weather for the second time this week.Captain Mike MacSween, a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot on exchange with the RAAF, piloted the only Australian P3 Orion to make it to the search area before the weather closed in.Capt MacSween said the plane’s crew searched the area for about two and a half hours, mainly at a height of around 500 feet, but didn’t see anything of note.“It was definitely not ideal for visual search conditions,” he said.“The visibility was anywhere between 8km and basically zero.”He said the plane flew as low as 200ft (61m) in an attempt to keep sight of the surface.However the sea search continues with the HMAS Success and four Chinese ships – Xue Long, Kunlunshan, Haikou and Qiandaohu – also in the search area.  Commanding officer of HMAS Success, Captain Allison Norris, told The West Australian her vessel would continue the search, despite the worsening weather.She said the crew of the Success was battling a sea state of 3m and it was increasing significantly.Visibility had been reduced to just 500m.She said the temperature had also dropped to just 6 degrees.“The ship’s company is very focused on the task at hand,” she said.Captain Norris said the Success was searching in a “racetrack” pattern laid out by the AMSA, with a 1000 yard (900m) space between each circuit.As well as radar, crew the is searching visually using binoculars and night vision devices.-With agenciesMh370 Tributes Pagelast_img read more

Vaccinating with CDT

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Kelvin Moore, Sade Payne, Elizabeth Spahr, Ohio State University Animal Science Undergraduate Students, and Brady Campbell, Program Coordinator, Ohio State University Sheep TeamWith lambing season right around the corner, shepherds need to start preparing now. The CDT vaccine is yet another management tool found in the shepherd’s toolbox that is used to protect small ruminants against clostridium perfringens types C and D as well as clostridium tetani (tetanus). Appropriate use of this vaccine is a safe, cheap, and an effective method used to control for clostridial diseases in your flock.Commonly referred to in the industry as the ‘overeating disease,’ clostridium perfringens types C and D are associated with feedstuffs and can lead to enterotoxemia. The bacteria that cause enterotoxemia are present in all animals, just at low population levels. Issues arise when these bacterial populations experience a rapid period of growth and proliferation due to an increase in actual bacterial numbers or due to a rapid change in the diet. As a result, the bacteria grow rapidly, toxins accumulate, and are then distributed throughout the body resulting in serious health issues or death.For example, type C is commonly found around the farm living in the soil and manure pack. This is one reason why it is important to provide a clean lambing and nursing area. Lambs can contract this bacteria via direct contact with dirty surfaces or by nursing on dirty udders. Therefore, lambs that nurse excessively could be at higher risk as they are in frequent contact with a dirty udder. Animals with a type C infection may show signs of severe diahrrhea.One the other hand, type D is more closely tied to overeating disease. This type of bacteria generally affects the the largest and fastest growing lambs. This is due to the large amounts of feed, specially grain, that these lambs are consuming. It should be noted that enterotoxemia can be an issue on rapidly growing lush pastures, but it tends to be more of an issue with lambs being fed high concentrate diets. In this case, due to a rapid increase of grain in the diet, type D bacteria use this as a fuel to reproduce rapidly. Unfortunately, lambs that experience a rapid spike in bacterial numbers due to a type D infection die quickly making it difficult to detect and treat these animals.Not to forget the third piece of this puzzle, the CDT vaccine also helps protect against clostridium tetani or tetanus. This is another important bacterial species that we must take seriously. Basic production practices such as shearing, animal identification, tail docking, and castration can all result in an open wound which allows for for this bacteria to enter the animal’s body. Some classic signs that are associated with tetanus is lock jaw and overall stiffness of the body. Unfortunately, as seen with type D infections, once visual signs of the disease are present, death is inevitable.So now that we have a better understanding of what these diseases are and what we can do to combat against them, the next step is to understand how to appropriately use this vaccine. This vaccine is given subcutaneously either in the neck, axilla (armpit), over the ribs, or in the flank. All lambs should receive a total of three doses of the vaccine. For lambs born from vaccinated mothers, lambs should be given booster shots at 4 to 8 weeks of age and then again at 4 weeks later. You will note that there is some variability in the time frame of booster shots. This time frame will be dependent upon your production practices as it is important to give boosters prior to tail docking and castration for added protection. On the other hand, for those lambs born from ewes that were not vaccinated, these lambs should receive their first vaccine during their first week of life followed by two boosters, each given in 4-week intervals.For all other mature animals remaining on-farm, an annual booster is key. For ewes, it is easiest to administer the vaccine one month prior to lambing. This strategy allows producers to vaccinate more than one animal at a time, an efficient use of the vaccine. In the case of first time lambing ewes, two doses at six and three weeks prior to lambing is helpful as well. For the rams, yes they need a booster as well, administer the vaccine prior to breeding. Most producers use a marking harness or have to move the rams to a breeding area. During these activities it is easy to administer the vaccine as you are already handling the animal.At the cost of only $0.32 per dose, it is hard to make an argument upon why you would not use this vaccine. Mortality rates have been reported as high as 40% for unvaccinated flocks and in the neighborhood of 0.5% for vaccinated flocks. With the current lamb market, spending around $1 per lamb to assure the health of your flock is certainly worth the investment in the long run. However, it should be noted that a vaccine should never be used simply as a band-aid to cover up an issue, rather it should be used to compliment sound management practices. Therefore, the combination of a sound vaccine program in addition to proper feeding, handling, and housing will be key to a successful lambing season. For more, visit this link: CDT Vaccine: When, How, and Why.last_img read more

Find Without Searching: Google Brings Universal Search to Google Suggest

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Google just announced that it has started to include some results from its universal search feature right into the list of suggested search terms beneath the search box. When you search for “weather in San Francisco”, for example, the current weather will appear right at the bottom of the suggested search terms without having to hit the enter key. This new feature currently works for 10 universal search features, including weather, flight status, local time, area codes, package tracking, answers, definitions, calculator, currency and unit conversions. Google plans to enable this feature for other results based on the universal search feature in the future. Chances are that Google will also include this feature directly in Chrome. Chrome’s address bar, after all, already features advanced support for suggest search terms. Related Posts Also New: Quick Scroll ExtensionIn addition, Google also announced Quick Scroll, a new Chrome extension. Once you activate Quick Scroll, a small box often appears at the bottom of a page after you click on a search result that makes it easy to find the most relevant parts of a page that relate to your search results. Quick Scroll can automatically find the most relevant content on a site based on the search you just performed and highlight the relevant part of a page. Tags:#news#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… frederic lardinois Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Video Inspiration: 10 Great CGI Moments

first_imgDuring the end of the 20th century we saw amazing CGI work that has withstood the test of time.It’s been nearly a decade and a half since the end of the 1900s…and it’s amazing to see how far visual effects and computer animation has come in that time. That said, during the latter part of the 20th century there were a number of films that were markedly ahead of their time in terms of the visual effects they showcased.Recently, prolific YouTuber CineFlix created a compilation video to showcase ‘10 of the Best CGI Moments from the Last Century‘. Check out the full video or see our recap below!Which Pre-2000 films are missing from this list? What are your favorite CGI heavy films from the last few years? Share your thoughts in the comments below!10. Stars Wars: A New HopeSpace battles, light sabers and the second instance ever of CGI in a feature film: the 3D model of the Death Star.9. TronFeatures nearly 15 minutes of full CGI including the iconic light cycle duel.8. Star Trek II: The Wrath of KhanBreakthrough CGI models were created using particle systems and fractal noise. Lucasfilm animators created the “Genesis Effect”, a 60 second outer space CGI sequence.7. Young Sherlock HolmesA knight emerges from stained glass in three dimenstional form –  the first fully CGI character ever. The shot took 6 months to create.6. LabyrinthThe CGI owl at the start of the movie was one of the first ‘photo realistic’ animals.5. The AbyssJames Cameron’s film features the first 3D water effect. The film was also the first to make use of Photoshop.4. Terminator 2: Judgement DayOver 100 CGI elements went into creating the liquid effects for the villainous T-1000. It was also the first time CGI effects were rendered on a PC (as opposed to a ‘supercomputer’).3. Death Becomes HerThe film tackles the tricky CGI work of human skin to make the stretching of a human neck more realistic.2. Jurassic ParkMany of the dinosaurs were completely computer generated – an amazing feat for how realistic they looked.1. Toy StoryPixar’s Toy Story is the first full CGI feature film. 27 animators worked on the film, using 400 computer models. The success of this film paved the way for other fully animated CGI films over the last 20 years.last_img read more

Euro 2016: Wales thrash Russia 3-0 to win group, into last 16 in maiden European Championship

first_imgWales advanced to the European Championship’s knockout stages as group winner after comprehensively beating Russia 3-0 on Monday. (Euro 2016 – Full Coverage|Points Table) Goals from Aaron Ramsey, Neil Taylor and Gareth Bale, his third in consecutive games at Euro 2016, ensured that Wales won Group B ahead of England, which could only draw 0-0 with Slovakia. (Also read: England finish behind Wales, into last 16) Ramsey opened the scoring in the 11th minute after a quick counterattack, chipping the ball over the advancing goalkeeper. Taylor doubled the advantage nine minutes later after slotting in a rebound, his first international goal. Bale then made it 3-0 in the 67th minute with an audacious shot that makes him the tournament’s leading scorer.RUSSIA KNOCKED OUT For Russia, defeat meant its time at Euro 2016 is over. The team, which only earned one point in a disappointing campaign, will now focus on the World Cup, which it is hosting in two years.Russia, which needed to win the match to have any chance of progressing, took a more attacking posture at the Stadium de Toulouse. But its attacking forays left space for Wales to strike on the counterattack.WALES ON FIRE!  All of Wales’ goals came from crisp movement and deft passing. For Wales’ first, James Chester won possession deep in Russia’s half and back-flicked to Joe Allen, who threaded the ball behind the defense to Ramsey. The Arsenal midfielder beat the offside trap and lifted the ball over Igor Akinfeev.The second came after Bale dribbled toward the penalty area. Four Russia defenders surrounded the Real Madrid forward, which exposed the team’s left flank, into which Taylor entered unmarked. His first effort was blocked by Akinfeev, but Taylor was there to slot in the rebound. Bale’s goal came after being put through by Ramsey.advertisementWelsh supporters, in a sea of red around the Stadium de Toulouse, chanted “Don’t take us home! Please don’t take us home!” during the match.At the beginning of the tournament, Wales’ first major competition since the 1958 World Cup, probably never imagined their team would win their group.But as the match went on, they confidently chanted “We are top of the league” and now look forward to an encounter in the knockout phase.last_img read more

Experience Dubai’s Must-See Attraction: The ‘IMAGINE’ Show

first_img(Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PR Newswire. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.)MUMBAI, December 5, 2018/PRNewswire/ –Exclusive World Record Breaking attraction at Dubai Festival City is fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations for tourists from India this festive seasonDubai has fast become one of the most popular destinations for tourists from India to visit while on vacation, whether it is for a short weekend getaway or a long holiday away from home. According to Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), India contributed the most tourists to visit Dubai between January and March 2018 with 617,000 visitors, a 7% year-on-year growth. More and more holiday-goers are keen to take advantage of all that Dubai has to offer, including world-class shopping and one-of-a-kind experiences designed to appeal to the 15 million tourists that visit from all over the globe each year. There is one attraction in particular that is causing a stir amongst tourists and has been building a reputation as one of the best family nights out in Dubai. Just minutes from the airport, Dubai Festival City Mall, one of the major shopping destinations in Dubai, is home to IMAGINE, a two-time record-breaking attraction that plays a unique water, laser, and light show that displays daily on the iconic, Festival Bay. Since its launch in 2016, it has become one of the must-see attractions on the tourist trail, commanding up to 18,000 spectators in one evening.”IMAGINE is a one-of-a-kind attraction that isn’t available to see anywhere else in the world. We are extremely pleased to welcome tourists travelling to Dubai from India, especially as the festival season kicks-off. This truly is a unique entertainment experience for the whole family,” said Steven Cleaver, Director, Shopping Centres Dubai, Al-Futtaim Malls.advertisementIMAGINE transforms Festival Bay with its cutting edge multi-media technology, boasting the largest water screen projection and the largest permanent projection mapping in the world. A Guinness World Records breaker, it features the latest entertainment technology in water, pyrotechnics, lasers, lights and dramatic effects. This unique sensory experience harnesses the power of light, water, and fire, combined with giant aqua screens, 30 fountains and surround sound to connect with audiences and produce a show like never seen before.The daily shows are free-to-attend all year round and shoppers are encouraged to take advantage of the waterfront dining that lines Festival Bay and offers patrons some of the best views of IMAGINE and Dubai’s city lights beyond.Cleaver continued, “Dubai Festival City Mall is not only one of the major shopping locations in Dubai, but it is also one of the city’s newest experiential destinations. From exclusive shows like IMAGINE, to exceptional restaurants and the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, we offer something for everyone looking to enjoy a day out in the city.”Set on the historic Dubai Creek, Dubai Festival City Mall is home to more than 400 outlets, including Dubai’s only IKEA, renowned fashion brands like Zara, H&M, TopShop, Coach, DKNY, Kate Spade and for the first time in the Middle East, luxury Singaporean department store, Robinsons. For an iconic waterfront dining experience on Festival Bay, there are 56 restaurants and cafs, the largest Food Court in Dubai and first-to-market dining concepts such as traditional Emirati restaurant Al Fanar, Turkish Village, Sugar Factory, Cheesecake Factory, Tortilla, California Pizza Kitchen and the Middle East’s only Hard Rock Caf. The entertainment venue offers a 7-star 18-Screen Novo Cinemas with 4D IMAX, a 70,000 sq. ft. family entertainment centre and Fabyland, complementing the global attraction IMAGINE.About Dubai Festival CityDubai Festival City is an established mixed-use destination developed by Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate that has been designed to capture the cosmopolitan and rich spirit of Dubai. Featuring alongside a 3.3-kilometre creek, Dubai Festival City is a fully integrated mega project which has been carefully master planned to offer a superior lifestyle destination with outstanding facilities, comprising residential (Marsa Plaza, Al Badia Residences and Al Badia Hillside) and commercial space and educational institutions, and a family-friendly sports and social destination, Al Areesh Club.Within Dubai Festival City sits the landmark 2.5 million sq. ft. urban retail destination, Dubai Festival City Mall – home to Guinness World Records holder and cutting-edge daily attraction, IMAGINE as well as IKEA and the only Hard Rock Caf in the Middle East. The mall also offers almost 400 world class retailers, 75 restaurants – many of which feature waterfront dining and some of Dubai’s most photographed sunset vistas.Additionally, Dubai Festival City also encompasses two five-star hotels – Intercontinental Dubai Festival City and Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City – to fully complement the signature retail, leisure and entertainment proposition.advertisementFor more information on Dubai Festival City, please visit Dubai Festival CityPWRPWRlast_img read more