Watch: Phil Lesh Celebrates 76th Birthday With An All-Star Party At The Cap

first_imgJust like that, the group got right back into it with a powerful version of “Shakedown Street.” That segued seamlessly into the old standard “Viola Lee Blues,” before the group dug deep into the catalog with “Eyes Of The World > Playing In The Band > Terrapin Station Suite > Morning Dew.” Wow! Check out footage of “Shakedown Street” below, courtesy of Stephen Hurtes:After some cake was served and some “Happy Birthday” was sung, the crowd showed their true appreciation for Lesh and his incredible career. The show ended with an encore of “Standing on the Moon,” a fitting end to a great performance. Don’t worry! Lesh & Friends will be back for two more nights, tomorrow and Friday, at the Capitol Theatre. Yesterday marked the 76th birthday for Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. Naturally, in planning his birthday party, Lesh picked a favorite location and some of his best friends for the occasion. There was cake! What more can you ask for?The show featured the “Almost Q,” a lineup with Warren Haynes, Rob Barraco, and John Molo, as well as Lettuce/Soulive axe player Eric Krasno. The group was in fine form throughout the show, opening with “Help on the Way > Slipknot!” before transitioning into “Just A Little Light.” After a fun classic version of “Doin’ That Rag,” Phil & Friends got down on a cover of Eric Clapton’s “Let It Rain.” Check it out:The first set closed out with an “Althea,” seeing Barraco and Haynes trade vocals, and a fun-loving “Bertha.” Watch the two below: The setlist can be seen below, courtesy of Bill Batson/FOJC:Setlist: Phil Lesh & Friends at The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY – 3/15/16Set One: Help on the Way (RB) > Slipknot! > Just a Little Light (WH), Doin’ That Rag (RB), Let It Rain (WH), Althea (RB, WH), Bertha (RB)Set Two: Shakedown Street (WH) > Viola Lee Blues (PL, RB, WH), Eyes of the World (PL) > Playing in the Band (RB) > Lady with a Fan (PL) > Terrapin Station (PL, WH) > Morning Dew (WH), Happy Birthday to Phil!Encore: Standing on the Moon (WH)[Cover photo via Capitol Theatre Instagram]last_img read more

The Marcus King Band Reintroduce Themselves With Stellar Self-Titled Second Album [Review/Stream]

first_imgThe Marcus King Band’s eponymous new record, their second studio album (after 2015’s Soul Insight) and first with Fantasy Records, is an impressive offering by a band that continues to make massive strides toward superstardom. “This album is a reintroduction to The Marcus King Band,” says Marcus King, the band’s guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter, “A lot of parts were written or improvised in the studio. We cut all of the band tracks live in the studio, in order to capture the essence of our live shows.”Warren Haynes, the rock guitar elder statesman to whom 20-year-old Marcus is frequently compared, played a vital role in the recording of The Marcus King Band, producing the entire album and lending some guitar licks to “Virginia”. “Warren is a wealth of knowledge,” says King, “Working with him on this record was not only a dream come true, but the best decision for the direction the band is moving toward.”The respect between King and Haynes is mutual. According to Warren, “Marcus is the first player I’ve heard since Derek Trucks to play with the maturity of a musician well beyond his age,” Warren Haynes says. “He’s very much influenced by the blues, but also by jazz, rock, soul music, and any timeless genres of music. You can hear the influences, but it all comes through him in his own unique way. He has one of those voices that instantly draws you in, and his guitar playing is an extension of his voice and vice versa.”While such high praise from such a well-respected artist may seem like hyperbole, it couldn’t be more spot-on when it comes to Marcus. King more than lives up to the hype on The Marcus King Band, an incredibly strong collection of 13 tracks that showcase the extensive abilities of the young artist and his talented band (Matt Jennings – keyboards/organ, Jack Ryan – drums/percussion, Stephen Campbell – bass, Justin Johnson – trumpet/trombone, and Dean Mitchell – saxophone).“Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That” is an upbeat but laid-back love song led by sunny horns and guitar licks about getting back to a simple, happy moment, where “singing me a melody so sweet,” as delivered in Marcus’s earnest drawl, is the perfect harmony of substance and presentation.“Devil’s Land”, loosely based on King’s grandfather who worked on a farm in his younger years, sees Marcus assert his vocal prowess early, with the swagger and storytelling abilities of a much older bluesman. Matt Jennings’ organs add texture to the swelling tune, before Marcus leads a fiery guitar onslaught reminiscent of a Haynes solo.“Rita Is Gone” was written about the character Rita on Dexter, who (spoiler alert) meets a gruesome end in the show. Despite the dark nature of its source of inspiration, “Rita Is Gone” is a cheerful horns-led melody that can’t help but get stuck in your head.“Self-Hatred” sees the band take a turn into some more psychedelic space, thanks in large part to guest Derek Trucks’ signature slide sound. But make no mistake—despite the presence of the highly-regarded guest, Marcus makes it known that there is more than one virtuoso on this track, handily trading licks with Trucks.“Man You Didn’t Know”, which follows sing-along “Jealous Man”, sounds like a song that Tedeschi Trucks Band would play, a bittersweet lament about saying goodbye, with an inventively wistful solo from King and help from JJ Grey & Mofro bassist Todd Smallie.While the first half of the album showcases Marcus’s guitar, singing, and songwriting abilities, the rest of the band asserts its presence on “Plant Your Corn Early”, with each piece adding to the song’s undeniable groove. The keys and horns lead the charge with a thick, funky jam dotted with relentless drum fills from Jack Ryan that help give the song the vibe of a live performance.That “live show” feeling continues into “Radio Soldier”. The song’s attention-grabbing arpeggiated guitar and driving 16th note back beat bleed into a drum corps-like breakdown for the chorus, before building tension to a cacophony of radio feedback and effects, making for one of the album’s most adventurous tracks.There are many instances on The Marcus King Band when it’s clear that King is writing from a place of sincerity and personal experience, perhaps none more so than “Guitar In My Hands”, where he laments, “You don’t love me the same when there ain’t a guitar in my hand”, wearing his life’s scars on his sleeve.“Thespian Espionage”‘s bouncing bass line and crashing cymbals give the song a film-noir vibe from the start, before excellent flute parts by Kofi Burbridge and King’s jazz guitar melodies take the listener on a journey in this instrumental tune.Rollicking southern rock heater “Virginia” was the perfect choice of songs for the album’s inevitable Warren Haynes sit-in. After a top-notch piano solo, the band gives due reverence to Haynes’ solo, creating sonic space as King welcomes him with an emphatic “Jump out now!”After “Sorry ‘Bout Your Lover”, another pretty country-flavored ditty where King’s vocals take the lead, the album comes to an end with “The Mystery of Mr. Eads.” The quick instrumental serves as a perfect coda for the album, the music over which the The Marcus King Band‘s proverbial credits would scroll, featuring some muffled ramblings for added texture (King translates part of it as “the physiological precondition is indispensable intoxication” for those keeping score).With this all-around great new record, Marcus and company have truly arrived–and with the wealth of talent, guidance, and veteran know-how at their disposal, the future looks bright for The Marcus King Band.last_img read more

Paul McCartney Welcomes Rihanna & Neil Young at Desert Trip [Videos]

first_imgThe second weekend of Desert Trip is near close. The inaugural Indio, CA festival has continuously impressed with stand-out performances from some of classic rock’s biggest legends, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and The Who. Also on site was sir Paul McCartney, who welcomed Neil Young for a three song collaboration last weekend, and made sure that his second weekend was just as exciting. After playing to a room of 300 lucky fans at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA, he returned to the festival stage once more.On Saturday night, Paul McCartney performed his scheduled set and welcomed an unexpected singer to the stage: Rihanna. They performed their “FourFiveSeconds”, which was co-written by Kanye West. The song hadn’t been performed by the two together since the the 2015 Grammy Awards. The release of the single came with a lot of confusion from the younger pop-loving generation who wondered who this “Paul McCartney” person was collaborating on their beloved Rihanna/West collaboration, even sparking an actual twitter war. It now seems fitting that the song would make its festival debut at an event dubbed “Oldchella” amongst the mainstream world. “We finally found someone under the age of 50!” McCartney laughed as Rihanna left the stage after performing the single.Neil Young also returned to the stage, after a few technical difficulties, starting with “A Day In The Life,” the famed Sgt. Pepper’s track, before going into John Lennon’s “Give Peace A Chance” and “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”. Anyone that missed the special collaboration on the first weekend was lucky to have that second round. To see two of the most iconic forces in rock and roll – Young and McCartney – must have been quite the experience. Enjoy the fan-shot videos below!Watch “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Rihanna [via Rihanna’s Videos]Watch Paul McCartney and Neil Young’s full performance [via Monte Lawson]:The festival will complete its second weekend tonight with the returns of Roger Waters and The Who.[photo via Desert Trip]last_img read more

Presenting The Motet’s Official Fall Tour Playlist

first_imgColorado funk force The Motet‘s fall tour is comin’ in hot to a city near you, and there is certainly a lot to look forward to. Live For Live Music will be bringing you exclusive content from the band throughout the tour including feature interviews with the band members, behind-the-scenes video content, live interviews, and much more!As the band makes its way around the country this fall, drummer and founder Dave Watts and the rest of the band will be curating a special playlist for L4LM’s readers. For each entry, Dave and the band will add a few songs to the list, explaining why they picked them–whether it’s something they’ve been listening to, something connected to where they are on the road, or just something really dope! Make sure to keep up with new entries as they come. Listen to The Motet’s Fall Tour Playlist below!Entry 3: 11/4/16 (by vocalist Lyle Divinsky)As the band makes its way to Brooklyn this weekend for a two-night run at Brooklyn Bowl, here are a few new tunes for we wanted to add to the list!“Promise To Stay Here” by Kendra Foster – This song is so funky and Kendra has so much swag. You can’t listen to this song and not be happy.“Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison – I mean…I feel like I don’t even need to say anything about this one. This has fueled so many backstage rages. Straight up party anthem.“Home” by Jaime Woods – This is more of a personal listen.  I think it’s just a perfect song and Jaime is such a beast.  She’s so restrained with her choices, then really shows off her ability at the end without going overtop.  I was listening to her in my time in Brooklyn, and I’m so happy to see she’s dropping such fire on record.Don’t miss The Motet at Brooklyn Bowl tonight and tomorrow, November 4th and 5th! We’re about to get down!Entry 2: 10/23/16 (by guitarist Ryan Jalbert)What up everybody? Here’s a few selections of some random stuff I’ve been listening to on the first leg of tour. Hope you dig:“Nocturne” by Julian Lage – The young virtuoso’s latest release Arclight is a bit of a departure from his previous releases some of the most tasteful and inspired “jazz guitar” that I’ve heard. This album has been on super heavy rotation and this track “Nocturne” is just gorgeous.“Blue Jay Way” by The Beatles – Last week we had a Beatles day and listened to the Fab Four all the way from Burlington to Boston. This here is classic 60’s psychedelic Beatles just doing whatever they want and pushing the envelop with the genius Sir George Martin at the helm to bring it to life.“They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Frank Sinatra – Some classic young Sinatra just being a total boss, because why the f*** not?“Who Paid Them Off” by John Brown’s Body – John Brown’s Body has long been, by far, my favorite American reggae band and they just keep putting out amazing records. Before [tenor saxophonist] Drew [Sayers] left JBB to join The Motet, he was heavily involved in making this great record.“You And I” by Stevie Wonder – Stevie at his very finest… I think I’ve got something in my eye.“Six Degrees” by Ghostface Killah & BadBadNotGood (ft. Danny Brown) – The legendary Ghostface teamed up with Toronto band BadBadNotGood on the recent album release Sour Soul. The whole album is super dope analog hip hop retro-funk and this track is a highlight. Ghost goes in and Danny Brown kills the middle verse too.After a few days off last week, the Motet will be back on the road on Wednesday, 10/26 for a 6-night, 6-city run of “Mixtape 1979” shows, keeping with their long-standing tradition of themed Halloween performances. Keep an eye out for Live For Live Music’s preview of the “Mixtape 1979” run this coming week, and look out for more playlist updates as the tour rolls on!Entry 1: 10/13/16 (by drummer Dave Watts)“Lingus” by Snarky Puppy could well be the best live cut put out by a band in our scene…maybe ever??“Inspiration Information” by Shuggie Otis was recorded over 40 years ago and it’s still just as fresh!“I Got Love” by Nate Dogg is just straight gospel-inspired, funky R&B goodness!“Technicolor Nightmare” by Christian McBride showcases the virtuosity of Ron Blake and Terreon Gully and their musical mastery keeps this album a constant inspiration.last_img read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band Is Working On A New Live Album And Studio Release

first_imgAt the very beginning of 2016, the Tedeschi Trucks Band released their new studio effort Let Me Get By. The album was the complete package, showcasing the band’s huge lineup in all of its musical chemistry. Of course, the band is itching for more.According to a new interview with guitarist Derek Trucks in MassLive, the band is not only preparing a live album, but will soon head back into the studio to write and record a new album. The article starts off by saying that Trucks is “getting ready to mix a live album from the Tedeschi Trucks Band’s last tour,” so we can certainly look forward to that!The band is gearing up to record some new music as well, according to Trucks. “We want to keep it moving forward,” he says in the interview. “The last one we really hit our stride as far as writing as a group. Everyone is chomping at the bit to do the next one.”Though he’s certainly excited about the prospect of new music, Trucks seems to be quite aware of the climate in today’s music industry. “It is such a different world now. I feel lucky that even after 20 years on the road I’ve never seen a check from selling a record. It’s always been about touring. So in that sense I don’t feel like I’ve lost something. But still, it is nice to make records. It’s a snapshot in time of where the band was.”You can read the full interview here. Tedeschi Trucks Band will perform at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT on October 30th, and has a fall tour scheduled between November 11th through 19th, as well as a three-night run at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, MA in December. Check out the band’s full schedule here.last_img read more

Tonight’s JAM THE VOTE Offers Free Live Stream For Your Pledge To Vote

first_imgTonight, Sunday, November the 6th, The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY will host JAM THE VOTE, featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band & The Blind Boys of Alabama in a multi-act, classic New Orleans-style jam session. Thirty-six hours before Election Day, the once-in-a-lifetime house band will create a “Night for the Soul.” And the special guests billed to join this special event are out of this world!Special guests include: Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros), Amayo (Antibalas), Amy Helm, Andy Falco (Infamous Stringdusters), Craig Finn (The Hold Steady), DJ Logic, Eugene Hutz (Gogol Bordello), Eric Krasno, George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Irma Thomas, Ivan Neville, Joe Russo (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), Lee Fields, Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits), Matisyahu, Nicole Atkins, Questlove, Robert Randolph, Tom Hamilton (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), Valerie June, Win Butler (Arcade Fire) and more!Tickets are on sale right now. If you are unable to attend the show and you submit a pledge to vote here, you’ll be able to watch a free live stream of Sunday’s event. All proceeds from JAM THE VOTE will benefit HeadCount. The show starts promptly at 7pm.last_img read more

Loosen Up The Belt For Phunksgiving With These Delicious Funk Tunes

first_imgThere’s something romantic about celebrating the holidays with live music. While typically spent with family and friends, the concert experience shifts into a gathering of the souls – united with purpose to eat, drink, and be merry in the company of each other’s greatest gifts in music. Such is the case for Ivan Neville‘s third annual Dumpstaphunk Phunksgiving celebration. On November 23rd, the Eve of Thanksgiving, the NOLA-based funk-rockers will welcome their fans and loved ones to American Beauty in NYC for a night of fulfillment. Tickets are available here.With opening support from Maurice “Mobetta” Brown & SOUL’d U OUT, this year’s special guests include guitarist Eric Krasno, drummer Nikki Glaspie, and guitarist Brandon “Taz” Niederauer. The 2016 Phunksgiving Eve celebration will be themed “70s Funk Classics and Rock N Roll Stew” so be sure to get your flyest threads ready to rock! “A lot of our music has [70’s funk] influence in it, and a lot of the stuff we’ve come up with has evolved from that era. So we’re gonna dig deep in there,” Ivan explains in a recent Facebook Live interview.To gear up for this exciting event, we’re vibing out to some of Dumpstaphunk’s classic live moments. The dance party will remain strong and take you through the perfect pre-Turkey ritual that will keep you committed to the tradition for years to come. Get ready for the FUNK:WaterAt Cress LiveGas ManDancin To The TruthPut It In The DumpstaNew Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2014Thanksgiving Eve tends to be one of the biggest party nights of the year, so make sure to get a ticket to this extremely intimate, funk-fueled dance party to help get that appetite going with some plentiful portions of the F-U-N-K. If previous years are any indication, expect plenty of surprises on this extra special night. Tickets are currently available here.last_img read more

moe. Gives Nashville A New Song And A Tasty ‘Meat’ Sandwich [Setlist/Gallery]

first_imgmoe. blew into Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, to kick off the last leg of their winter tour. Billed as a “Night with moe.” the diehards and fresh faces in the audience got exactly what they bargained for, and even a little bit more, as the band gave the crowd a little of the new and a heaping helping of the old.The five guys named moe. paid respect to their setting by delivering a first set filled with more honky-tonk flavored material. Percussionist Jim Loughlin got plenty of opportunities to bust out his washboard, starting with show opener “Time Again.” Al Schnier and the band shared a brand new tune, “Angel,” that had a fun, light, rise-and-fall section that had heads bobbing. As moe. grows more comfortable with the new track, it should develop into a crowd-pleaser judging by its initial reception from the crowd. After opening with a series of lighter tunes, moe. closed out in a weightier way with a strong pairing of “Skrunk” into a wild “Haze.”Returning to the stage after a short break, guitarist Chuck Garvey capitalized on the lingering energy with the call-to-arms anthem “Wind It Up.” moe. wasn’t done waving their battle flag though, and they followed with old-time fave “Awesome Gary.”Next up was a three-song sandwich chock full of old-school fans’ favorite ingredients. For the bread, moe. chose to use their nearly instrumental classic “Meat,” following in the bread-replacement innovations of certain fast food chains. For filling, moe. stuffed the sandwich full with an uproarious “Ricky Martin” and a most-welcome visit from “Lazarus.” When the final strains of “Lazarus” transformed back into “Meat,” the appreciative cheers for the closing of the loop to end the second set were the strongest of the night.The band returned to the stage to a strong chorus of cheers. Schnier read the single “Al.nouncement” while clearly amused bassist Rob Derhak looked on. In response to the message, Schnier attempted a version of Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane” that, despite its comical starts and stops, still drew smiles from his band mates and the crowd.The actual planned encore, Radiohead’s menacing “Karma Police,” was adapted to the moe. signature style with a wink and a smile. Closing out the night, moe. got their southern slide boogie on with a delightful “Queen Of Everything.” Departing Nashville fans were all smiles, happy to have been a part of a truly engaging and entertaining set of shows. You can check out a setlist from the evening below, as well as a gallery with additional pictures, courtesy of Rex | Marathon Music Works | Nashville, TN | 2/17/17Set 1: Time Again, Hi And Lo>Little Miss Cup Half Empty, Tambourine, Angel, Skrunk>HazeSet 2: Wind It Up, Smoke, Awesome Gary, Meat>Ricky Martin>Lazarus>MeatEncore: %Like A Hurricane, *Karma Police, Queen Of Everything% Al Schnier solo unfinished* Radiohead cover Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Roosevelt Collier, The Heavy Pets, And More Announced For Florida’s Backwoods Fam Jam

first_imgWith a price point of $60 for the entire 3-day weekend of music, there isn’t much thought that needs to go into attending Backwoods. With both primitive and RV camping available, as well as a family-friendly atmosphere, this is a great way to kick back, take in some sun and tunes, spend time with family and friends at a beautiful outdoor location, and not break your bank. We have a feeling that Lone Palm Ranch is a new festival site that will be on music fans radars for years to come.Tickets for Backwoods Fam Jam are currently on-sale and can be purchased here. For additional information and show updates, join the Facebook Event page at this link.Backwoods Fam Jam 2017 LineupThe Heavy PetsRoosevelt CollierCome Back AliceThe Groove OrientApplebutter ExpressParker Urban BandBen Strok & The Full ElectricHeather Gillis BandAjevaFlat LandUniversal GreenHarp SmokeVoodoo VisionaryBonnie BlueThe Delta TroubadoursLocochinoHail Cassius NeptuneISMWax WingsFire Water Tent RevivalCustard PieBlack DiamondMountain HollerAndrew Fagin & More!Artists At Large: Isaac Corbitt, & Hunter DiamondEnter To Win Tickets Below! Any seasoned festival veteran will tell you that the more small-scale festivals create some of the most intimate and special moments, often allowing for the foundation of a tight-knit community between both artist and fan that isn’t able to flourish at large-scale affairs. The inaugural Backwoods Fam Jam, set to take place at Lone Palm Ranch in Hastings, FL from May 5th – 7th, is certainly a festival that seeks to establish that vibe right out of the gate.With a lineup featuring The Heavy Pets, a Roosevelt Collier Superjam, The Groove Orient,  Come Back Alice, Applebutter Express, and more, at a prime outdoor location, Backwoods Fam Jam is set to become a contender for best first-year festival. Add in some up and comers like Ajeva, Ben Strok & The Full Electric (who both appeared at this year’s Fool’s Paradise in St. Augustine), the sensational Heather Gillis Band, and Universal Green, and you have a really well-rounded inaugural affair (purchase tickets here).last_img read more

Jeff Chimenti Talks Upcoming Grateful Dead Musical In New Interview

first_imgA new Grateful Dead musical titled Red Roses, Green Gold is coming to off-Broadway, with the shows first opening to the public on October 29th. The project has garnered attention from Deadheads, both for its subject matter but also for the show’s musical director, Jeff Chimenti, a longtime collaborator with members of the Grateful Dead with credits such as the current keys virtuoso for Dead & Company and formerly of Bob Weir’s RatDog. Recently, in a new interview with Newsday, Chimenti took the time to talk about Red Roses, Green Gold, which deviates from the jam-heavy live setting most fans are used to seeing him in.The New Grateful Dead Musical, ‘Red Roses, Green Gold’, Is Opening In October!While the interview tends to ask questions designed for those who may not be as familiar with the Grateful Dead, Jeff Chimenti still gave some insight into what Deadheads can look forward to from this new project. In the interview, Chimenti explains how he became involved in Red Roses, Green Gold, noting, “They said they were looking for someone to give guidance and keep the Grateful Dead music authentic. This isn’t trying to be a Grateful Dead cover band. There’s a story here. It’s my job to make sure the music is represented as properly as possible.”Listen To Tunes From The SpongeBob Musical By David Bowie, T.I., Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, & MoreRed Roses, Green Gold has been described as a “ musical comedy, featuring the music of THE GRATEFUL DEAD- a semi-fantastical and immersive Americana tale of the Jones family in 1920’s Cumberland, Maryland, as they con, swindle and gamble their way into riches.” As for musical choices to accompany this plot, Chimenti explained “The bulk of the material comes from the studio records Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty, albums that came early in the Grateful Dead’s career,” though “Some songs are shortened, to go along with the story.”Hilariously, to close out the interview, Jeff Chimenti elaborated on what he’s found to be the biggest differences between the musical theater world and the live music world, “I’m blown away by the talent it takes in theater. The performers have to learn the music and dialogue — then the story gets changed the next day and they have to relearn it all. I guess the way they sometimes improvise . . . it’s like how musicians riff. But the big difference is how organized the theater world is. Like with the schedule — if they say, “Here’s the start time,” or “This is when we’ll take a break,” then that’s the start time, that’s the break. In music . . . well . . . . [He laughs.] There’s a potential start time, but who knows when the concert’s gonna start.”You can read the full interview for yourself here. Red Roses, Green Gold opens at New York City’s Minetta Lane Theatre on October 29th. Prices for this Grateful Dead-inspired Broadway show will range from $58 to $88 dollars, though premium tickets will be available for $125 dollars.[Photo: Jay Blakesberg]last_img read more