’s research reveals where travelers from Croatia will stay during the holidays next year, the world’s leading passenger connection company with the largest selection of amazing places to stay, conducted a survey among 19.000 travelers from 26 countries, including Croatia, to find out what travelers expect most from their second home during their vacation in 2018. The survey was conducted to find out where travelers from Croatia are most likely to stay next year during the holidays?Research has shown that more than half of the respondents from Croatia (61%) plan to go on more trips in 2018 compared to 2017. The popularity of cottages will increase next year – more than half of travelers from Croatia (49%) will prefer to stay in private accommodation such as cottages or apartments, rather than in hotels, and a little more than a quarter (27%) will consider adds your object to the accommodation reservation page.Given that a quarter of passengers from Croatia (26%) believe that flights to long-distance destinations are becoming more affordable, it is not surprising that the desire to travel in 2018 will only grow. 16% of passengers from Croatia believe that it has become easier to find and book more exotic destinations, and almost half of passengers from Croatia (49%) say that in 2018 they will travel to a further destination compared to 2017. Moreover, the desire of travelers to visit even more destinations will be stronger in 2018, with as many as 70% of travelers from Croatia want to visit as many destinations as possible, and 34% want to be more adventurous, point out Dubrovnik Cable CarWhile travel to distant destinations will continue to grow, in 2018 a large number of passengers will choose destinations closer to home, with half of passengers from Croatia (50%) planning more trips within the country in the coming year. This enthusiasm for a holiday in their own country is based on the fact that a large number of passengers (36%) think that traveling within the country is cheaper, and more than half of travelers from Croatia (60%) are aware that there are so many beautiful destinations in their own country. I can visit. Another important factor is the possibility of going on more trips, considering that one in three passengers from Croatia (37%) thinks that two or three shorter trips are better than one longer one to a more distant destination. More passengers go from Croatia (63%) intend to go on more weekend trips in 2018 compared to 2017.The purpose of a vacation in 2018 will not only be sightseeing but also creating an experience when discovering a destination like a local resident, which will be a key factor in attracting travelers. Independent accommodations are becoming increasingly popular as they give travelers more flexibility and freedom to get out and experience their destination in a more authentic way.Research also shows the following:In addition to independent holiday homes and apartments, bed and breakfasts, all-inclusive resorts and hotels are among the top four types of accommodation that travelers are likely to stay in 2018.Passengers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious; almost half of the respondents from Croatia (45%) plan to choose more environmentally friendly options than they did in 2017.Four out of ten passengers from Croatia (43%) plan to stay in the type of accommodation facility in which they have not stayed so farWhen it comes to what travelers especially appreciate in the accommodation facility, 40% of travelers from Croatia stated free WiFi, 38% want to have a beautiful view from the accommodation, and given that travelers are increasingly focusing on food, almost a third of passengers (30 %) will look for quality local food, 29% of travelers from Croatia like a varied choice of food, and a quarter (25%) like free parking.<br />
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