Tomb sweeping Day for an empty net funeral and burial to the sun

lead: a 11 year old has engaged in the funeral industry 80 boys, 2014 made a funeral industry internet platform: a space network. He hopes to spread the culture of filial piety, hoping to change a lot of chaos in the funeral industry.

this is an entrepreneurial story.

a 11 years old has engaged in the funeral industry 80 boys, 2014 made a funeral industry internet platform: a space network. At the end of March 2015, a space network officially launched beta, using B2B2C+O2O mode, has become the first China life after a one-stop service platform. At the same time, the world’s first 3D printing Urn "released, 100 year plan" the sky clouds "in an empty casket sold online, the price of 11111 yuan. read more

The nternet business dry cargo You must know the 18 principles of the nternet thinking

Abstract: This is a person who claimed to be the "grass root" and the bones that he is "handsome" and "white Formica" era. When your product does not allow users to become part of the product, can not be connected with them, your product is bound to fail.

, including the division of the 25 division of Alibaba, Tencent, the adjustment of the 6 business groups, are designed to play the role of the internal organization of the platform. Haier will be divided into 2000 self-employed individuals, so that employees become a true entrepreneur, so that everyone becomes their own CEO. read more

Thousands of ndoorsman Liu Yan entrepreneurs how to live out VR

Abstract: earlier than mobile application of VR technology is broadcast live sports broadcast, live concerts, live shows and other important events and scenes, so that people can experience similar to the atmosphere and look through the VR device.

Liu Yan VR live on the pepper so that more people began to focus on this field. Liu Yan began to live only 30 minutes, the fans have more than 4 million people concerned, the live broadcast of the Communist Party of China, while 6 million people watched the live online at the same time. For thousands of Indoorsman, live VR provides a close contact with the goddess of chance, it is a fresh experience for ordinary people. After the heat dispersed, VR live in the end to solve what kind of needs of people? read more

Secret how to start empty handed success

secret: how to start empty-handed


for the 70 and 80s people, success is very easy to start empty-handed business, in this Internet era we live in, you really want to start empty-handed is very difficult, want to start empty-handed success through entrepreneurship, it is not impossible, please remember the following secret.

secret one: to stimulate their desire to succeed

mediocre life makes people lose their initiative, lost illusions, stimulate the desire to rise head and shoulders above others. An Dongsheng teacher once said: as long as a person without mental retardation, then he must have one or a few ordinary people do not have the strengths and strengths. As long as people in their expertise in the field of play and stick to it, will be able to succeed. read more