Ma Yun Taobao is not only online shopping is also a life attitude


technology news January 12th evening news, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun appeared in Chengdu Starbucks staff meeting, Ma Yun said at the meeting, Starbucks is not only a cup of coffee, is a kind of attitude to life; Taobao is not only online shopping, is a kind of life.

Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of the

Alibaba group, together with Starbucks chairman and CEO speech on

Ma Yun said that Starbucks is not selling coffee, is a new experience, a new way of life, and so is Taobao. I think the computer and the computer is cold, the people behind the computer must be warm. Taobao is not selling goods, is selling credit, sell to the people who do not know, young people after the goods delivered to the numerous hills and streams do not know the hand, now the whole Chinese, 4 per day million transactions, this is trust.   read more

Why rural will gather a large number of network operators

called Taobao village is a large number of network operators gathering in the countryside, with Taobao as the main trading platform, e-commerce ecological phenomenon form the scale effect and synergy effect. It has three characteristics: first, the rural grassroots network formed by spontaneous; second, the number of network operators to reach more than 10% of the local number of households; third, formed a relatively complete industrial chain, has the characteristics of collaborative development. read more

E commerce sites have turned off the electricity supplier winter really coming

today, there is news that under the banner of e-commerce website product poly network is about to close, and the grand gathering of goods on the network in less than three months. Then think of these 30 days even with the closure of the three e-commerce sites, respectively, is a grand gathering of goods network, luxury website called ha network and NetEase Shang shang. Some media commented that the winter has come, e-commerce, then whether the real electricity supplier in the winter coming?

three reasons for the collapse of the electricity supplier website read more

Blog advertising becomes climate

  blog site Engadget published last month, Microsoft will work with the beverage manufacturer Pepsi to carry out promotional activities, sending thousands of new Xbox game console. In this video game enthusiasts blow a pond, caused a sensation.

but neither company responded to the report. The news first appeared in mid April, after numerous video games and electronic equipment have quoted a blog site, time Public opinions are divergent. the marketing strategy of Microsoft, the topic from what to how much soda can irrigation in this war, this is not the only one to win the bottle. read more

The benefits of plagiarism driven by the needs of your idea others are not copied

last week, PickRide anti plagiarism thing is quite serious. Although I tried the PickRide product, I feel very bad, but still support the founder of PickRide condemned plagiarism, the pursuit of their own rights and interests of behavior. But today we are not going to discuss this thing is true or otherwise, just to say my views on plagiarism.

plagiarism is available anywhere, including the internet. Apple apple from Xerox, Microsoft copy copy, now and then to a topic China Internet most criticized, plagiarism has become an ingrained Westerners on the mainland Internet opinion. And in particular, thanks to a gang of Internet heavyweights, such as plagiarism started Tencent, not only to allow the Chinese people to see plagiarism can be successful, but also opened the prelude to the history of Chinese Internet plagiarism. read more

Pat home to change the domain name to Jingdong pdj jd com

renamed China ( April 16th news, today, the Jingdong will be this year’s focus on building the O2O platform "take home" was renamed "Jingdong home", and enable two domain station.


: Jingdong home page

it is understood that, when the film was launched, its website domain name is, is also a two domain name. Today, the Jingdong to shoot home changed its name to Jingdong home, but the one changed to pdj". Whether it is to shoot home or Jingdong home, the corresponding domain name has been registered. Such as domain name,, etc.. read more

EBay Greater China Lin Yizhang China’s electricity supplier export trends

reporter Yang Linhua Beijing reported

early in November 27th, eBay released the Greater China cross-border e-commerce retail export industry map. The report said: China’s eight cross-border electricity supplier retail outlets are Guangdong, Hongkong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Taiwan, Jiangsu and Fujian. Among them, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu were 76.1%, 56.1% and 52% growth rate to become the fastest growing cross-border export center. In addition, the most popular category in order of global buyers were electronics, fashion, furniture and gardening and auto parts, furniture, auto parts and gardening fashion has become the fastest growing category three. read more

Said Gaopeng and F group merger on the agenda


technology news April 13th evening news, although Gaopeng and F group of merger rumors have been silent, but media reports said the merger has entered the agenda: Gaopeng had summoned all the area manager to discuss the merger.

according to the owners of the house reported that Gaopeng (micro-blog) has announced a merger with the F group in the interior, and summoned all the district manager from the capital, discussing a merger. The official declined to comment on the matter is still high, which had previously stressed that Groupon will not withdraw from the Chinese. read more

Domain deletion list March 30 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn [email protected] 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

What is Taobao generation operation Business school for you to answer

In the Taobao

market, for the status quo between Taobao operators and enterprises, is still in short supply, especially for a reliable professional on behalf of the operating companies, is to grab the head broken and bleeding. B companies see the rapid rise of the A enterprises, through various means, A hired corporate trader C D spent a lot of companies see enterprise investment, but the results are not always on the go, the D business operation was sentenced to death.

called Taobao generation operation, as the name suggests, is a Taobao business entrust store daily operation, management, marketing, promotion and other work to professional on behalf of the operating companies, with rich shop management, and well trained operators Taobao for sellers of all-weather operating shops, effectively improve the visibility of the shop sales. And reputation, fast, professional and safe to improve store core competitive advantage, the seller shops entrusted to the generation of operating companies, is responsible for shipping and other simple work, all the rest of the work on behalf of the operating companies. read more