Using QQ space of the original article chain do blog

have to say search search do very humane, not only can you input the keywords you want, you can also choose to log Published time, suggest that we generally choose released the same day the log is better, I think we can take any subject matter, as long as there is no love in Shanghai included, don’t worry about some mood log ah do not like the love of Shanghai welcome, the blog is used to doing? Of course is to give vent to the mood, my personal experience repeatedly mood log can be included in the sea drops. read more

The new and old stand in the way of optimizing the differences and common points

this chart above a search index in about 800 of the "Shanghai dragon training", Shanghai dragon within Zac pages ranked eighth. Look at the snapshot is December 13th, this with the "贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121214/478182.shtml" this article said on the contrary, snapshot update slow, does not mean the page weight is not high, can only say that the snapshot update slow affect page ranking to front, or that the relative weight is not high, not alone. (update cycle, actually to speed up the page in the page, only need to add the latest article plate, OK, had at least three months to update the inside pages, one may only need half a month or updated once a month) read more

Huang Taiji business model finally to keep on fighting the number of transition wheref you want to

can not become a common meal, as non-staple food cannot be high consumption, this category limitations led directly to Huang Taiji stores has plenty of spare capacity for the catering industry, this is undoubtedly fatal.

‘s self assessment has important implications. If you’re meant to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to ask anyone else’s opinion. You will start, if you are the kind of standard deviation outside, then you need to find a suitable environment, which means you have to find the right opportunity as a target, you need to find and understand what kind of key talents with you, the partnership to find your missing parts. read more

n order to improve the analysis of new love in several places should pay attention to the weight of

there are many webmaster will choose the DIV+CSS site in the early form, because in their view, this form is more conducive to the love of Shanghai spiders crawl. In fact, in my opinion, the problem is not in this place, as long as our site layout has clear layer structure code, can let the spider in the shortest possible time to catch their prey, OK. But in such a way, need to carefully design the webmaster.

now China search engine industry is love Shanghai in the world, especially after the departure of Google China market, love Shanghai is accounted for 72% of stride forward singing militant songs, the proportion of the industry, and the increasing trend of development, the webmaster all know that love has a special liking for the sea has always been their own products, give them great weight the result is, input a keyword, ranking is this product. So in love now Shanghai China search engine industry, we should focus on improving the Shanghai love weight, so as to make your site more visibility, more volume. read more

Love Shanghai and remedy snapshot backwards

3: in your Links inside the station was K. The recent Shanghai love temper is not good, every little update, there are some of the stations are in love with gross altitude. If your friend chain there is such a chain, is likely to be implicated.

security first do their website, website security is the basic. One of my station since being black once after every time I close the write permissions after updating the content. Although you can not be completely avoided, but at least can reduce the occurrence of such a situation. read more

The enterprise website to do the five Shanghai Dragon

on the Internet more and more in a daze today, basically every door enterprises have established their own websites, but the enterprise should to do the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, I believe that many companies are not very clear, do not have their own special Shanghai dragon optimization team in many enterprises, many of them are the search engine is confused, Shanghai dragon regardless of the enterprise website or the enterprise sales are very good, and do good business website of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng more necessity. read more

The construction of the chain webmaster rainy day error caused by site is down right

on the 3.19 day of the official launch of Shanghai refused to love the chain tool, if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. Love Shanghai introduced to the webmaster tools has advantages and disadvantages, many owners mentality is not good enough to meet your site is down right, will "think" the site is because of the construction of the chain is K, will submit your site outside the chain of Shanghai refused to love chain tools, but many owners are unable to determine which link is love Shanghai believes that garbage links may be outside the chain on the web site for shielding is beneficial, garbage outside chain is not their own webmaster "thinks" the love of Shanghai algorithm. For the love of Shanghai official pointed out spam chain, before the webmaster can on the website is in love with the sea K, submitted to the Shanghai refused to love tools can reduce the site is K, but this "rainy day" the premise is that the owners need to search engine algorithms very understanding, in strict accordance with the guidelines for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng garbage link shield. read more

Shanghai ranked the first 100 days of stable love experience

may be very strange, "Beijing air-conditioner maintenance" of the word, love Shanghai related pages about 2060000 essays, the index is 60, the word "air conditioning maintenance" beauty index of less than 200, the relevant page is less than 663000, how do you still say competition? No investigation is no speech right, you can check each keyword before the five page or the ten pages, most of them are website, that is the industry a lot of people on the site, do optimization. Don’t look at this industry, Guojianglong to also want to eat some kui. read more

Please treat the webmaster love Shanghai share button should not blindly brush flow

popular social media, let the webmaster also busy, launched more social media marketing strategy. The dominant search engine love Shanghai also launched its own not resigned to playing second fiddle, social sharing platform. Love love Shanghai Shanghai launched the share button after the station began to crazy, love Shanghai share button in the end of the website optimization has no effect, the webmaster or to watch the love Shanghai official said, began to brush share amount don’t confused, in the infinite or remind the webmaster to share button to love Shanghai. read more

The electricity supplier website needed to use the technology and strategy of Shanghai Dragon cont

The update frequency of

in this article, we offer a brief introduction about the electricity supplier website needed to use the Shanghai Dragon Technology and strategy, hope to discuss with peers.

2 update frequency

it was also the baby + share birth and love Shanghai, and part of the single page ranking higher than the origin site ranking phenomenon. Widely spread, mean high reliability and high quality, it also means you should appear in the search engine ranking top. This is something that we use in the Shanghai Dragon technology website operation makes it a point to emphasize the need to pay attention to. read more