Keywords ranking optimization and strategy

2, remember that each page is best for 2-3 keyword keyword ranking optimization, don’t make the same keywords appear multiple pages, based on the optimization of search engine ranking principle, general search engine will only display in the selection of one of the most relevant page, and you in the same words repeatedly optimization not only can not make good copy, included, rankings, and will cause unnecessary internal competition, decentralized internal weights, and may make a keyword search engine that multiple pages, is likely to appear each is prominent. read more

How to easily upgrade site through search engine evaluation

site structure and codeAfter the upgrade to

site key area do not change

URL address

site framework as presented as simple and elegant, if before the upgrade site is frame structure of complicated code and multi column, so the author when they upgrade to the structure of the site code is simple and generous, simple drive through the search engine spiders crawl, so simple but valuable content search engine spiders crawl to the site, from complex to simple the greatest advantage is that the future development of the overall optimization and site to site, but also should pay attention to during the upgrade framework of spiders, don’t ignore the whole site, the authors in each > read more

Love Shanghai mobile search optimization optimization guide mobile phone station

2. robots limit release, UA spider crawler love Shanghai Baiduspider (uniform WWW and WAP), individual stationmaster often mistaken for love Shanghai UA baiduspider-mobile crawler mobile phone.

love Shanghai mobile search has been committed to the mobile phone site, with any mobile phone station included standard site, Baiduspider will actively included. The mobile search will give priority to the collection site for

B: in line with the standard mobile phone site site, site specific norms are as follows: read more

Luna chubby talk about Shanghai dragon Er care love Shanghai weight problem

for a web site, ranking is very important, and the influence of ranking factors in addition to the chain, content, the weight of a core content we also care about is the site, and the level of weight, has a direct impact on your website to the search engine rankings, so today in here to share her chubby their views, hoping to give a little help to many webmaster.

method: 1 + reasonable station layout.

How to determine the site of the Shanghai

, especially new sites, many webmaster did not pay attention to soft, actually use the soft Wen, such as A5,28, Chinaz, left behind, is a very good promotion in the soft place, there will be a lot of webmaster help you reprint and promotion, is a kind of method to enhance the website weight more cost-effective. read more

s to Shanghai dragon portal on the novice webmaster

in Shanghai Longfeng it is not complicated, the key lies in the execution, we all know that execution determines success or not, if you do not have a good psychological quality and strong execution, is very far away from success, at least not immediate, in Shanghai dragon phoenix process, also a non immediate. Mature Shanghai Dragon R all that really want to put a new do before 3 time is needed, and this time is the accumulation of experience, is also an exercise if they have a strong psychological pressure and a strong executive ability, others see the scenery, the success of others, will to imitate, to follow, in fact it’s just a copy, there is no sense of innovation, so that the outcome is actually a fiasco, so here I advise those who are on the novice Since the choice of the road, you need to prepare for, prepare to fail, of course I know everyone is to pursue to success. Well, not wordy, I put the bitter history of these a few years to write, perhaps to help you, at least in the way successfully through the Shanghai dragon little take the wrong way, this is my original intention of writing this article. read more

Taobao keyword optimization the natural attributes of you

then Taobao shop how to better carry out the optimization of love love Shanghai? According to the new Shanghai pomegranate algorithm and Scindapsus algorithm, key element lies in the nature of a keyword, let search engines do not see a trace of optimization, so that it can effectively promote the optimization effect of key words. Here’s a specific optimization strategy analysis keywords natural attributes about Taobao store.

finally to increase the optimization of long tail keywords in different pages, this optimization is to avoid risks of high density and high complexity, but also can bring precise flow shop, such as you are selling slimming products, now love Shanghai is very sensitive to the weight loss products, if in the shop filled with a lot of weight of the vocabulary, it is easy to give the shop bring negative effects. read more

Talk about the two core elements of the construction of the chain the chain chain channels and metho

although we also can find some websites outside the chain, but also will not be deleted, but the site itself is not love Shanghai included, or has been in love with the sea K off, you put the chain release to this platform, not only on the site without any help, or even affect your site in the spider love Shanghai impression, so choose the chain release channels, also need to pay more attention to the exposure rate of the chain, is also the love of spiders in Shanghai have included this chain, only included, the chain can bring you the weight transfer! read more

Shanghai Longfeng learning should be good at discovering the shortcomings of their own to make up

from the nearest station optimization, website title, keywords, description of URL to write standard, to sort out the station for the release, while standing outside the chain is the most important release of this fast, many friends will encounter some of this or that problem, for example: the chain where to look, how to for the original, where to find the chain resources and so on, if found.

have many friends in Shanghai Longfeng experience, constantly at the A5 station site of Shanghai Longfeng learning knowledge, to tell the truth, there are owners of their own original, quality must be approved, but many of them are some of their personal experiences and opinions, there is not what to learn every day, there can be said who can learn a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but some things will still not, because there is no very detailed article to describe a Shanghai dragon theory knowledge, novice there mixed in there is also very easy to get lost, so we should have to find their own deficiencies to compensate, with respect to. It can be analyzed from the following three aspects: General read more

Rookie of the three cognitive Shanghai Dragon

Soe’s early development in foreign countries is probably in 1997, the domestic development is relatively late, the real development of domestic start >

some companies think wrongly, do a website, do two keywords is Shanghai dragon, it is a mistake to do Shanghai dragon is the purpose, is the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is what the target flow of interest.

in this Internet era, the electricity supplier development along with the development of the Internet and the rapid development of the Internet, in the economic tide in the birth of a model, which is the Shanghai dragon, if electronic commerce is the core of the network marketing, network marketing is the core of the search engine, Shanghai Dragon technology is and dealing with a search engine, for example, Shanghai dragon like a doctor, the doctor is dedicated to the site, because the search engines don’t love unhealthy websites, we have to do is send to the website search engine optimization, let love on your website, every day to your site. read more

Shanghai love sharing tools can affect your web site of the Shanghai Dragon

, a number of

share button

share will affect the optimization of the site, will this one study tool, and abandoned the original website optimization work. Here I would like to remind the webmaster, if love Shanghai share can improve search engine rankings really, it is only an auxiliary means, does not represent the focus of ranking algorithm love Shanghai to share love Shanghai. We still need to make uniform update high quality external links, original content and good user experience. read more

Web site was down right and how to deal with the love of Shanghai

website is down right after the first affects the will is the site of the Links, when many exchange chain > with its own web site

There are many reasons leading to

website is down right after the first course, the need for their own website for certain rectification. And then you can love Shanghai Complaint Center feedback problem, let love Shanghai. Artificial audit rectification of the website. Love Shanghai complaint center is a very good feedback platform, after all, sometimes may be due to love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, resulting in the website is down right, but sometimes it may be right down web page is purely innocent in the gun, then you can come through the feedback method to make artificial audit as soon as possible finally, can recover as soon as possible. read more

The statistical analysis of the data to achieve accurate keywords positioning steps

mentioned here to effectively is a relative concept, the initial positioning of the site keywords is through the search engine, the most promising is the search engine search, most webmasters ignored is the search engine for the background and a competitor’s website, through the above keywords source statistical analysis to achieve relatively effective (not practice) keywords layout.

analysis to achieve accurate list of key.

promotion optimization to realize the website is

website promotion optimization is to make the site’s shadow everywhere on the internet. Internet advertising gradually warming had already broken legend good wine is not afraid of the dark alley. In this difficult time, to the site in the network to achieve a certain degree now must adopt a series of effective measures on the site, the most effective promotion methods is short-term advertising, of course, the high cost of capital; the most cheap marketing method is of course website optimization, the time cost is high, but no matter what kind of as long as the way to achieve the site in the network now, I suggest to do anything. read more

We must know how to false original webmaster

site is now becoming more and more difficult to give up many webmaster webmaster of this industry in the middle, want in this industry out of a mark is closely related to their own efforts, and everyone today to talk about our own Adsense site how to write pseudo original content and articles.

is an illustrated article essence, now many webmaster in the original and have ignored the concept of a text, is a text-based original like in the article to add some pictures of the technique and method is rare in general, since this method does not see more we will brave to practice and innovation and the search engines also illustrated article especially popular, since we should love the search engine to cater to the taste of the search engine. read more

The new station how quickly included in the page

robots.txt protocol is a protocol for all search engine, the main significance is to ban the spider crawling, this typically is used to shield a useless links, such as copyright information, contact information, company introduction and so on. So you can focus on the weight of the inside pages. But the robots.txt protocol cannot be used indiscriminately, such as accidentally blocked the home page, or after the amendment was hacked, may cause the spider will not come. Always check.

4, robots.txt read more

The new site was included in Shanghai 15 days of love experience

4, the various search engines to submit sites in general, search engines to crawl your site automatically crawl, submit a site equivalent inform it of the spider "my website ready to search engine to crawl! Come!" each search engine has the website submitted entrance, in addition to submit to love Shanghai, advice >

this is love Shanghai included is a blog, from the search engine included total is opening up to half a month’s time, maybe this time is a bit long, but compared to those more than 20 days, one month will be included, even enter the sandbox website, or shorter than the time. Before the love Shanghai included Google, Sogou, soso, YAHOO on my website are included, is a little more than the home page, Google, included many pages. Now my chain site is 23, 1 is the love of Shanghai included several, article 12. Below I will talk about my website for half a month by Shanghai included the experience of love. Torgovnik read more