Ma changed to play Zhang Zhaoyang mode three cards against WeChat

text / Zhao Nan

Ma Yun to play the "Zhang Zhaoyang mode".

what does that mean?

yesterday, Alibaba in Hangzhou to exchange in a "full moon wine", invited the 3 Hunan TV hot star, always a controversial 80 cross-border character, a male singer for the industry gossip headlines.

who? Zhou Bichang, Du Haitao, Bai Gang held fast men, Guo Jingming and Wang Feng. Accompanied by their platform as well as ma.

site to entertainment stars, of course, fans. "Go out" for idols". Du Haitao guest host the N back of the fans shouted N+1 times. read more

Responding to the call from Baidu

State Council announcement: May 19th to 21 for the national mourning day

from the state after the announcement, many websites are to follow the beat, the site turned grey, mourning.

has Baidu’s column LOGO. a river of 51 Webmaster Station Art Alliance desktop theme park

are collected in succession……

2006 that winter personal webmaster panic period

personal webmaster in the winter of 2006 suffered a cold.
through the spring and summer of 2007, it has remained dark.
union recession, copyright, virus, hacker, individual owners in this cold snow is still breathing.

I is half broken wood with the
gradually deep, hidden in the clothes within the

2006 website
value I don’t want to explain I want to play the pressure of
your tenderness melted the ice in the
mouth speak a farewell
but spent the first snow
2006 pneumatic
read more

nternet management agency CANN has also been black

[Abstract] it is not clear whether the attack will affect China and other countries of the international domain name registrant.

Tencent news network attack is not news, but this year in particular, from the U.S. retail industry, the financial industry to the recent Sony Corp, often suffered. According to reports, the Internet’s big Housekeeper – the United States ICANN, has recently been black.

ICANN is an organization that manages the allocation of international domain names and IP addresses. Due to the agency’s management of the Internet related affairs, the international community is planning to transfer some of its functions to the United Nations or international trade organization. read more

Daily topic of the country was a wide range of DNS failure does not rule out hackers

webmaster network ( January 22nd news, around 3 pm yesterday, the country appeared a wide range of DNS failures. Including Sina, Baidu, micro-blog and many other A5 webmasters use the COM domain name station appeared to be resolved to the

The full name of DNS

Domain Name System (domain name system), user input domain name through DNS analysis to the corresponding IP address, domain name will be the first local DNS server to resolve, if not to return analysis, the upper server until the query to the root server to query the most advanced, the local server will be the IP cache again, the user access to the domain name will return to the cached IP. The root server is used to manage the main directory of the internet. There are only 13 units in the world, the names of these 13 root servers are "A" to "M", of which the 10 are set in the United States, and the other one is set in the UK, Sweden and japan. read more

Daily topic WeChat issued new regulations to rectify the public side of the fight against the third

A5 ( station network April 10th news, April 4th WeChat WeChat team on the number of users of public announcement to allow the public number of users and operators a clearer understanding of the WeChat public platform operating rules, platform ecosystem together to create green and healthy, harmonious and win-win, "WeChat public platform operating standards" is now officially released. Please read the contents of the code in detail, and strictly comply with the relevant agreement, we look forward to working with you to jointly safeguard the order of the operation of WeChat’s public platform, regulate self-discipline, mutual integration. Thanks for your support! " read more

The failure of the blog profit

      today is August 9, 2007, from last year in March began to write a blog to earn advertising fees, has been a year and a half, during the bitter joy.

      bitter is now advertising account is still poor, more precisely, the money still stay: GG account); joy is to make a bunch of ideas has an aggressive friend.

      regular summary is an essential quality of a person’s success. So today, a simple summary of the gain and loss of the blog, for your reference! read more

Content relationship micro blog than SNS further

once, celebrities to show off is a personal blog click over a million; now, grassroots show off on micro-blog fans over one hundred thousand. The direct result is: in the blog on the rogue promotion is brush click on the micro-blog rogue promotion is brush fans.

day before micro-blog to discuss which micro-blog fans brush plug-in easy to use, the result is the sour media friends asked fans


look first: what is the fan?

theory, the fans are micro-blog’s followers, called follow on the twitter, Sina micro-blog is called a fan, called the audience on the micro-blog Tencent. In theory, the number of fans represents concern. So, in theory, "your fans more than one hundred, you are like the magazine; more than one hundred thousand, you are a metropolis daily; more than one hundred million, you are CCTV read more

Primitive storm came to an end the majority of the webmaster has to retrieve the server

August 11th news, Taizhou Telecom announced that the original man off the network, the current majority of the webmaster has to retrieve the server. "Primitive" responsible person "absconded" storm temporarily come to an end.

August 5th Taizhou Telecom announced that it will stop at 10, the original people of the network access services, while hosting in the original man room IDC registration. Beginning in August 8th, IDC has received a notification from the telecommunications sector to receive the server. read more

SARFT remediation BT Website nternet TV ushered in the opportunity to adjust the industry

from last Friday (4) at the beginning of the evening, users found BT China alliance website can not visit. Sharing site the Pirate Bay in August this year, closed at the famous BT, after the four founders by the Swedish court sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years, the domestic BT share a website for the first time to usher in "life and death exams".

The phenomenon of piracy

BT download site, the intellectual property rights of people attach great importance to the wanton trample as early as the SARFT, the Ministry of culture and other departments, such as thunder’s VeryCD, and BT Chinese alliance are the same as the well-known P2P download site, on the VeryCD, including the latest popular TV series "dwelling" will be able to find the seed resources, use Thunder download software to find. After 2009 the industry continued anti piracy activities, resulting in the BT industry is severe governance and restructure is an inevitable trend. read more