Head pointing T

With the rapid development of information technology today, as business leaders how to lead the enterprise to win in the fierce competition in the market to maintain a competitive advantage, has increasingly become the key to the core competitiveness of enterprises. This article lists the head of five enterprises of ideas, hoping to help you.

three years track

"knowledge" and "reputation" is the entrepreneur in the enterprise management and the management practice guidelines.


manufacturers and markets show that China management software development has entered a new stage. For the UF, this may be a new three year journey.

The transformation of

ERP has many users of
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My money off the tragic history of Taobao

time flies, is engaged in the Internet this line has two years. The process is important, but the results are a bit sad, did not earn a penny. He decided to change careers, since this line is not suitable for me, why force yourself? This time inadvertently found Taobao customers, peers are coming every day every day to see hundreds of thousands of the webmaster where, but their time will be the boss because of various highfalutin excuse my pay deduction, is really very depressed.

for a variety of reasons, it is the work of the resignation, single-minded business Taobao. When I started to work hard, put down to save money on the full use of space and domain name. Because of his university’s programming, so this is very confident, not thinking about online free software, the website is made out of people, so in the construction site to spend a lot of thought. It took me a week to record the data. Because they do not have the record number, you have to wait for the record number and then upload their own procedures. Waiting for more than a month’s time also let me find another part-time, is similar to the site editor, also let me earn some pocket money. read more

The only 99read new member registration bonus 2 yuan

dear affiliate member:

99 bookstores and push new registered users


1, during the event to 99read the new registered users, valid orders single order amount more than 30 yuan (including 30 yuan), reward 2 yuan reward (the order / registered sales commission is still normal settlement).

2, 99 online bookstores have been registered users not to participate in this activity, the normal sales commission calculation.

3, the registration data check time for the January sales order after the completion of the 7 working days, commission and sales commission in January to pay together. read more

SMS ringtone advertising to increase revenue

SMS ringtones can also be customized ringing tone? The answer is yes, the income or income currently accounts for a large proportion of the music station, but the income is declining, the situation has become increasingly close, how to do? Not change wait for Chinese online wireless music market changes, more than a little higher income. Who live to the end who live best! Persevering, this paper aims to introduce some simple tips, SMS ringtones do something more valuable, you need to constantly explore, establish two QQ group, group A: 50822886 (full) group two: 50822684, hope to do more to communicate with the central station. read more

Tai Chi chain love data delay

respected Webmaster:

love advertising in January 11th, January 12th and January 13th Part of the website data problems, currently we are actively looking for reasons, will solve the problem as soon as possible, the three day data will not give timely feedback to the webmaster, so to bring you all the inconvenience we apologize.

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: http://s.union.textclick.com

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Make money on the nternet

make money online for several days, reasonable methods, make money online but also know in their toil in Ming Ming good. See more, naturally understand the ways of more money is far higher, than in the past to make more.

first of all, no matter how we make money, pay attention to the following ways to make money online:

1 careful, to maintain a high degree of sensitivity to the information, careful observation, found business opportunities!

2 team, it is best not to make a person to make money in the struggle, a successful person is always behind him to support his wife, or friends, or brothers, or parents. read more

Opportunities and complementary personal website with mainstream site panorama

host: the last topic we discuss this afternoon is opportunity and complement, personal website and mainstream website.

Moderator: Thank you very much for a

forum, first I correct you, I am not Google, our web site called the dog, may and Google have a lot of similarities, very early in the NetEase. When doing the portal, there is a clear desire, is said to have development so many small sites quickly grow very fast and then in the industry portal, although there is a big platform, but the door is not enough on me a NetEase auto channel, may in the whole automobile industry is not very hard before the exam, we have 5, 6 billion 600 million NetEase, why can’t we just go out directly, to play and every industry portal site, from the point of view, he is from the van to college, from individual owners in terms of people more hope from the college to fan, this is at present This, including two years of confrontation, when in Wensheng stationmaster Congress, a lot of people are the real owners, the whole situation has been carried out, I think a lot of personal websites could challenge the portal. read more

Witkey website creative power products online for cash

"I don’t want to get married in October, because of extravagance and waste, banquets close relatives and good friends only in a small area, so the scale is not big, but it does not want too cold, so please give advice and suggestions can help you hero."
this is September 7th, a "Sunny Doll" users on the site K68.cn (a collection of Witkey) wedding game "post published. On this site, this post is often referred to as "mission".
unfortunately 198 unsuccessful, because only one winner can get a bonus, so they made no direct labor return.
Qianwei Witkey "no way, yuandufushu." K68’s webmaster Kang recorded the consumption of a large number of labor patterns vividly known as "resource destruction". However, the destruction of this resource is clearly not prohibitive. read more

The status quo of China’s online advertising market

The present situation of Chinese network marketing

China network marketing market size

according to iResearch survey data show that in 2006 China’s online marketing market size of 6 billion yuan, an increase of more than $4 billion 170 million in 2005 of $44%.

According to

iResearch research forecasts, 2007 Chinese network marketing market scale will reach 8 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 38% over 2006; Chinese network marketing market will continue to maintain rapid development, by 2010, Chinese network marketing market size is expected to reach 23 billion. read more

One plus one 11team Echoes of the rainbow

from a certain moment I began to feel as if I were writing off my clothes naked

today feel childish has evolved false cloak to show off and then to now calm is called growth

how can it be so long separated from each other and you think it’s only a few years since

I stubbornly think I don’t need to change but around the years in

once I thought, after hard work, you can enjoy success, the pursuit of their own happiness will be as scheduled. But in the process of struggle in the road station I found that time is a thief, stolen, stolen, stolen young youth passion. And I didn’t have time to ask myself, what did I get? read more

M months on the blog real name system recently issued a document may

BBS real name registration system will be applied to the blog. Yesterday, Ministry officials confirmed to this newspaper, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other nearly ten sites, is listed as the pilot site real name registration.

a few days may be issued a document


yesterday afternoon, the office of the Information Services Department official news to "test the water real name system" in an interview to confirm. According to reports, more is to study how to carry out the real name management issues, such as hierarchical management, recommended the possibility of relatively large blog real name system. read more

Ali mother in the end is the blessing or disaster

it is undeniable that Ali mother helped me this little Adsense a favor, because as long as the time, no matter how much money can be earned. So many people should be touted.

However, after

webmaster hung Ali mother advertising code, your site will reveal some secrets — such as IP, PV, of course, if there is no secret even if necessary, need to be kept confidential to the other said that. There are worse than that is below 5 in the list of advertising sites recently most visited web site, which to buy advertising advertisers; this will become a judge whether the site is cheating in reference, for example, found listed in the URL of a website and is the domain name irrelevant answer, that affirmation is cheating site! There are other ways to check here, I will not show a! read more

Share some special GG Adsense ad styles

sometimes, we see some sites on the Google Adsense advertising, and get our own Google Adsense background style of advertising have many differences, such as different size, click on the larger area, with a lot of keyword search box below link. What’s the matter? Can we do this by ourselves?

this special advertising style, including three cases:

1 publishers unauthorized modification of advertising code. To modify the code to achieve such a style, very simple. However, this is a violation of the policy, as long as it is found or reported, it is likely to be stopped account. read more

Et play online show amidst the Jiangshan welcome webmaster actively put

was launched amidst the Jiangshan play, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service to open formal site webmaster. Customer service qq:qq319035193 183288818 319035197

data return: return in real time.

settlement cycle: Zhou knot.

advertising price: 3.5 yuan /1000IP.

audit: media audit.

Union address: http://s.www.ete.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

Grassroots nternet entrepreneurs do not lack the most successful

at the beginning of this article before we say a digression, this article has another title "why big companies get out of easy success?", I believe that seeing the title maybe you already know what I want to say is what. But don’t worry, let’s go down slowly.

I know a lot of people on the Internet, more than half of them have the same identity, that is grassroots. There have been numerous exchanges and discussions on the topic of grassroots Internet users in how to start a successful business, we do a lot of assumptions. Maybe you have the same answer, no money no money no grassroots, success is difficult. Until a few days ago I came across an Internet entrepreneur, and he ate the same work with the labor for some time, I found that the original for the grassroots, the most lacking is a practice, the practice of large companies. read more

Summarize the reasons for the low price of GGAD

It is an indisputable fact that many people have a lower

price, even though I don’t feel it.

is not the same as the standard for judging the price low, some people say that their current price is only 0.5$or 0.1$before 1$or more, in this situation I think needless to say, their registration Adwords to experience you will have a more profound experience. Advertisers are not fools, if you can give them enough income they will give you a generous return, in the current such a seller’s market conditions, a lot of beautiful dreams are unrealistic. read more

O2O owners Business Classics light water to earn a few hundred thousand a district

daily economic news reporter Yang Lingqiang from Shanghai

"you can take a picture with me?" in July 25th, when the town holding senior vice president Ouyang Jie in the morning after a keynote speech, immediately attracted a large number of fans to follow the VIP lounge, scenes quite like star exit momentum.

Ouyang Jie is the cause of concern is his keynote speech – Silver 20 years ago with the community service O2O wind up. Ouyang Jie in the report, the community will be the future of the real estate business O2O new gold". He invited a hot, it is those who accepted his views and optimistic about the market, leveraging the platform as soon as possible residential property vendors. read more

Wangzhuan one build a code voting websites


I want to share with you today a series of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, is not so accurate, because I want to share with you some ideas is a series of construction sites, today to talk about is if you build a code class voting site to make money.

many friends may have heard what code, vote, and many of my friends have done to give others a code, polling thing, but many people do not understand this truth, why do I go to a code, the vote will be able to make money, where the money come from? What are their profits? This is the point I today. read more

Entrepreneur readme how to get the first batch of angel users

recall three years ago, we are still in the design of this product, and now has nearly one hundred thousand users in use, the number of users to create the chart has been close to one million….

at the beginning of May 2011, we decided to take a long time " idea " landing, to do a drawing tool based on browser. A window to achieve the standard map, no longer need to download and install, and through the Internet to achieve cloud storage, no matter when and where you can open the Baidu can do online map. read more

Peng Yongjun the nternet when people see Wangzhuan only to make money

why do not make money: the Internet is a tool in our hearts

when everyone was concerned about the Internet and telephone booking, when everyone was concerned about south of the northern snow days, when everyone in the NetEase, Tencent, Sina care when Hu signed 20 Boeing machine. Everyone cannot do without the same tool, is the Internet, telephone booking need to know through the network booking process, through the network query whether there are tickets, the phone has been unable to meet the people to understand the frost heavy snow in the South and north of the day, if there is no Internet, Hu visited the United States to sign a large single how many people know even if you know? Also to wait for the evening news! So we should understand that the Internet is our necessities. read more