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first_img Next PostBill To Allow Concealed Carry on W.V. Campuses Fail Tumblr NEW RICHMOND, WV (WOAY) – A Wyoming County High School is closed today after threats were made. A student has been charged.Wyoming County Deputies say the student is 16-years-old and is facing charges of disturbing a school function, possession of a deadly weapon, and terroristic threats.The Board of Education released the following statement:“To communicate with honesty and transparency the following is a statement regarding the closure of Wyoming East High School, today, March 6, 2019:Wyoming East High School is closed today, out of an abundance of caution. After school hours, yesterday, the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department alerted school administrators that a student may have hidden a stolen weapon on school grounds. A preliminary search was conducted, and no weapon was found at the school. Private residences are being searched, as well. However, to do a more thorough search of the school grounds, in daylight hours, the Sheriff’s Department suggested that school be closed today. Of course, we complied. We will be notified by the Sheriff’s Department when the search is complete, and the grounds are declared safe for return.Safety of our students is a top priority for all of Wyoming County Schools. Thank you!” Twitter Linkedin Facebook Mail Google+ Pinterest Home NewsWatch CrimeWatch News Wyoming East High School Closed Today After Threats Made, Student Facing Charges Previous PostMorrisey among attorneys general seeking robocall measure Tyler Barker Tyler Barker is currently the Interim News Director and Digital Content Manager for WOAY-TV. I was promoted to this job in Mid-November. I still will fill in on weather from time to time. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter @wxtylerb. Have any news tips or weather questions? Email me at CrimeWatch NewsEducationFeaturedLocal NewsNewsWatch Wyoming East High School Closed Today After Threats Made, Student Facing Charges By Tyler BarkerMar 06, 2019, 09:56 am 843 0 last_img read more


first_img Google+ WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY) – At almost three in the morning on Monday, some southern West Virginians may have felt a small tremor.The earthquake reached a magnitude of 2.6, one of the lowest magnitudes that humans can feel. Since it was so early in the morning, most people didn’t feel it.“It actually depends a lot on where you are and what you’re doing,” said Concord University geology professor Stephen Kuehn. “Somebody who is sitting in a wobbly chair might feel it and somebody else standing up and walking around wouldn’t notice it.”West Virginia stands on ancient faults–the same faults that created the Appalachian Mountains. While plates around us move, the faults that West Virginia sits on sometimes shift, causing small earthquakes.“At the individual fault, the fault might be stuck, so the rocks next to the fault actually are deformed very slowly,” said Kuehn. “They actually start to bend a little bit and the energy is getting stored up in there. It’s just like bending a spring or stretching a rubber band.”When the faults break free and release the tension, an earthquake happens.Earthquakes are almost always happening, but usually, they’re so small that humans can’t feel them. In West Virginia, it’s especially rare to feel an earthquake unless a strong one happens nearby.“Say a very big earthquake [happened] on the New Madrid site. We were definitely feel that quite strongly here.”This explains why not many felt Monday’s earthquake, but many felt the large earthquake that originated in central Virginia in 2011. Home NewsWatch Local News Geology Professor Explains Earthquakes in Southern West Virginia Kassie Simmons Kassie Simmons joined the team in January 2019 as a weekend journalist. She graduated from Virginia Tech in just two and a half years with a BA in multimedia journalism.During her short time at Virginia Tech, she served as the editor for the university’s chapter of The Tab. Kassie was named the top reporter for The Tab at Virginia Tech on multiple occasions and made the list for the top 30 reporters for The Tab in the U.S. She also studied theater performance and minored in creative writing.Before coming to WOAY, Kassie interned at WSLS in Roanoke and the Tidewater Review in her hometown of West Point, Va. She has loved following breaking news since her childhood and has a passion for delivering the stories people care most about.Kassie is excited to be working in Southern West Virginia and looks forward to all the adventures ahead of her. You can follow her on Twitter at @KassieLSimmons and like her page on Facebook. If you have a story you think she should check out, send her an email at Linkedin Pinterest Mail Tumblr Twitter Local NewsNewsWatchTop Stories Geology Professor Explains Earthquakes in Southern West Virginia By Kassie SimmonsMar 06, 2019, 19:00 pm 462 0 Previous PostGovernor Justice to call a special session Thursday to focus on “education betterment” Next PostInmate Sentenced To Life In Prison For First-Degree Murder Facebooklast_img read more

In This Issue… A late morning rush to sell euro

first_imgIn This Issue… * A late morning rush to sell euros… * Spain & Italy to auction debt tomorrow… * China’s Trade Surplus narrows slightly… * The BOC’s bunker mentality… And, Now, Today’s Pfennig For Your Thoughts! Chinese Exports Holding Steady Eddie! Good day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Each morning when I arrive, and turn on the TV’s and my computer screens (4!) I go quickly check out what’s on each TV for news, then after my email comes up, I go through all the “alerts” that I receive… This morning, the TV’s and my email box is full of stories on the outcome of the New Hampshire primary… Well, not that I don’t care about that stuff, but it’s not the stuff I’ll write about, so it doesn’t help me any! So, get it out of here! Also getting out of here is the risk asset rally that went on yesterday… The currencies are sliding a bit this morning, but Gold is up again, so it’s not all bad for the risk assets. Both Italy and Spain are auctioning a total of 17 Billion euros in debt/bonds tomorrow, and that is weighing heavily on the currencies at this point of the day. The price action of Italian & Spanish bonds before the auction was good though, with yields falling 11 & 20 basis points respectively. But… having to go to the markets and ask them to take on 17 Billion euros more of debt, is another thing, and so… the euro is weaker this morning, as it should be. The good news from the Eurozone this morning comes from Germany, where the economy is saying, recession? What recession? German GPD was weaker in 2011 than it was in 2010, but it still beat the consensus forecasts, coming in right at 3% for 2011… (2010 was 3.7%) Given all that Germany has had to deal with this past year, I find 3% pretty amazing. The bad news is that the ratings agency, Fitch, said yesterday that Italy faces a “significant chance of a downgrade”. Fitch also announced that they would make a decision by the end of the month on both Italy and Spain… So, tomorrow’s debt auction by these two becomes even more important! I see where U.S. Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner, not only has pressured Russia & China to not buy Iranian Oil, he’s now going to go to a full court press on the Chinese about their currency policy. And once again, a U.S. official will visit the Chinese leaders, they will smile and say they will seek a faster appreciation of the renminbi, shake hands and send the U.S. official home, his chest swelled with the pride that he got the Chinese to move faster, only to find out a couple weeks later that the Chinese have simply continued on with their gradual appreciation of the renminbi. Save the tax payers some dough, Mr. U.S. Treasury Secretary, and save yourself the time and effort that you’re going to put into this meeting… You know, if we had not ever made one trip to China by U.S. officials over the years to get them to move off their slow, gradual appreciation of their currency, we would have saved taxpayers a truck load of cash! None of the visits ever helped and we could have saved money… But since when has it ever occurred to U.S. officials that saving money is a novel idea? Ok… move on from here Chuck, you’re about to go down a road that won’t endear yourself to the authorities! Speaking of China… Chinese officials have to be smiling like Cheshire Cats with the latest round of data. First we saw home price inflation back off, then we saw the manufacturing index improve, and now Exports look like they are holding up very nicely, even with the slowdown in the U.S. and Europe. Chinese export growth in December rose 13.4% from a year earlier. It did slip a bit from November’s 13.8% increase, but it looks like the naysayers were wrong once again about China… It appears that with exports to the U.S. slowing down, shipments to Japan and the emerging economies remained Steady Eddie… The Chinese Trade Surplus widened in December to $16.5 Billion from $14.5 Billion in Nov. You’ve just gotta love a Trade Surplus! I think that given all the things / data we’ve seen recently from China that my call that it would be moderation for the Chinese economy and not “collapse” that a boat load of economists have called for the last two years! Closer to home… Canada printed a very nice and strong Housing Starts number for December yesterday. Housing Starts increased 7.9% in December from a year earlier… This is another flashing red light for the Bank of Canada (BOC) to hike interest rates… But the BOC is in their “bunker mentality” as they believe the rot on the vine from Europe and the U.S. will be too much for the Canadian economy to handle… Hmmm… I have to disagree with the BOC here… if your economy is in need of a rate hike now, then do it! If the rot does begin to show up later, then cut the rates, but don’t hesitate to hike them now! Inflation is a bad thing, BOC… please remember that! Yesterday, I referred to the now X-Swiss National Bank President, as Hildegard… Well, as my new friend in our Corp FX group, Agnes, (who’s Swiss) pointed out… his name is Hildebrand. Hildegard is a woman’s name! Geez Louise! I really flubbed that one, eh? Any way it doesn’t look like the Swiss franc is going to give us that “pop” I was thinking could happen if Hildebrand resigned… I gave the desk some numbers last week that were very interesting regarding Gold & Silver and their highs and lows for each year since 2001… One thing that was as evident as a man with a hatchet in his forehead was that each and every year since 2001, Gold & Silver booked their lows for the year in either January or February… Which indicates to me that unless the trend is no longer in place, the only months to buy are January and February… Which is NOW! And one of my chartist friends, sent me a note yesterday that his charts indicate that Silver is about to break out to the upside… This is technical talk that is difficult to understand until they tell you what they are talking about… here’s Scott… He is referring to a chart that you can see if you go to his blog… “The daily chart has now formed a Bullish “Inverted Head and Shoulders” pattern that I have noted on the daily chart on the right hand side below. The Bears seem to have run out of gas when they formed the “Head” on a decrease in volume from the left shoulder. The right shoulder showed a lack of commitment from the Bears again. A breakout and close above the neckline, which I have drawn with a dashed blue trend line, will put pressure on the Bears, especially those who are short from the prior Bearish “Head and Shoulders” pattern that has not gotten fulfilled yet.” Chuck again… You know, I’m a fundamentals guy… but every now and then the technicals play well with what I’m saying fundamental wise… and this is one of those cases! The euro is really getting socked right now, as I get ready to head to the Big Finish. I don’t see anything on the screens that would tell me the reason for the rush to sell euros… but it looks like the 1.27 handle for euros is about to be taken out on the downside… And, it was just taken out… this is something, watching this rush to sell euros, right here, right now… And if the euro is getting socked right now, you all know the drill… the rest of the currencies are getting socked too… UGH! Cheaper levels that’s the only silver lining… Then there was this… Last week, I briefly mentioned our new Corp FX or actually they are called Business FX Group… We have always dabbled in this going back to our days at Mark Twain Bank, but we now have a group of people dedicated to small & mid-sized Corporations and their currency needs, payment orders and hedging of future obligations. If you do currency payments in your Corporation, you should give us a call or send an email because I do believe we can save you money in execution costs. The phone number is: 855.417.4843. And the website is here. To recap… The risk assets rally that was so strong yesterday, has been reversed and then some, except with Gold. There’s a rush to sell euros this morning for no apparent reason other than the ones that have been already beaten to death. Italy & Spain will sell debt/ bonds tomorrow, but recent bond price performance has been good for both countries. China continues to book strong data, albeit a bit weaker. Canada also continues to book good data reports that warrant a rate hike, but the Bank of Canada has gone into its “bunker mentality”… That’s it for today… The guys over at the 5-Minute Forecast were kind enough to quote something I said in the Pfennig yesterday. The 5-Minute Forecast is one of my daily reads that I find to be chock-full-o-info that’s important to what I do! This is it for me this week, as I’m slipping out of town to warmer weather for a few days. I’ll be back next Wednesday. I don’t know if those of you who subscribed to the Currency Capitalist have noticed but I’m no longer writing for that publication. My friends at the Sovereign Society decided to go in a different direction with the letter… So my first “paid writing gig” has ended… Oh well, I gave it my best shot! And so, another chapter in my life comes to a close. Time to move along! No worries… I’ve always wondered why people would pay me to write any way! HA! And with that… let’s get working on making this a Wonderful Wednesday! Chuck Butler President EverBank World Markets 1-800-926-4922 1-314-647-3837 read more

The Casey Research Metals and Mining team has rece

first_imgThe Casey Research Metals and Mining team has received a number of worried and angry emails about gold’s recent rollercoaster ride. I’d like to respond to them. First, I understand. I’m an investor, too, and I also manage money for family members. We have positions that are underwater, a few dramatically so. Worse, in many cases a full position had been built, seemingly leaving no room to average down and lower our cost basis. This predicament isn’t fun, and there are a limited number of options. However, instead of responding emotionally, let’s look at some facts and consider their implications. The drop in stock prices came with no drop in the quality of the companies’ assets. This is important to recognize, because it highlights the difference between value and price, and points to opportunity. Even at lower gold and silver prices, the value of these companies is higher than they’re currently priced. This will eventually correct, as all mispriced markets do. Investors must be willing to hold through down or sideways markets to realize profits. The trend we’re betting on took an unusually large detour, but it has not changed in any material way. It may take some time for the market to stabilize before it makes a significant move up, and with summer knocking on the door (often gold’s low season), we could easily see the gold market remain weak for a few months. A huge rally in the immediate future is unlikely unless a black swan hits (for example, a deterioration in European sovereign debt, a sharply lower US dollar, bank failures, etc.). The message is that, like any market with favorable fundamentals, you must have the mental wherewithal to stay in the game, however painful, in order to seize a big profit. A lifetime buying opportunity is shaping up. By any analysis, gold stocks are about as cheap as they’ve ever been. Therefore, focus on positioning yourself ahead of what we think will be an extraordinary reversal. The more spectacular the selloff, the more spectacular the opportunity – and this selloff has been one for the record books. We’re witnessing a setup that only comes along a few times in an investor’s life. Our goal is to prepare for it, not lament an unexpected trend interruption. Be honest with yourself about risk and volatility. Investment decisions based on emotions rather than facts rarely work out. I know it’s not easy, but look ahead and not behind. Stock prices don’t care how you feel – and they still won’t when the market reverses to the upside with you on the sidelines looking on. The bottom line is that you’ve got to hang in there and let the big-picture forces guide your gold investing decisions. It’s only natural that investors who haven’t experienced this kind of situation before might be wondering exactly what the big-picture forces are indicating today. To address that issue, along with the many other questions surrounding gold investments today, Casey Research and TheStreet have brought together some of the sharpest gold-investing minds around. They include: Doug Casey, legendary contrarian and speculator; Jim Cramer, founder of TheStreet and host of CNBC’s Mad Money; and Steve Feldman, cofounder and CEO of Gold Bullion International. You’ll hear their thoughts on what’s happened in the gold markets over the past two months… what is likely to be ahead in them… and how gold investors should position themselves. You’ll get specific, actionable advice in this free webinar, so reserve your spot now. Gold: Dead Cat or Raging Bull? will premier on Tuesday, June 25 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. You don’t want to miss it – learn more and register today.last_img read more

what was popular in the past will improve I ha

first_img what was popular in the past will improve. I have two experiences as a pundit for the future. In 2007 I said on CNBC that Facebook would one day be worth $100 billion. At the time it was worth maybe $1 billion. Everyone on the show laughed. I then invested in every Facebook services provider I could find. And in my book, Choose Yourself!, written mostly in 2012 but out in 2013, I said that we can look forward to having a “smart toilet” that will diagnose all of our illnesses in our fecal matter and urine… a mini-lab in our bathrooms. Anyway, this weekend, MIT said it’s working on just such a toilet. Cost: $2,000, but it was going to bring the cost down to $100. Count me in. But there are 10 trends from the past 100 years that I think are important to respect and will be important trends for the next 100 years. Knowing this can help us make money off of them. 1) Deflation Most people are scared to death of inflation. If most people are scared of something (like Ebola), it probably means it was a media or marketing-manufactured fear that will never come true. The reality is, we live in a deflationary world. Warren Buffett has said that deflation is much more scary than inflation. It’s scary to him because he sells stuff. It’s great for everyone else because we buy things. However, to be fair, it’s a mixed bag. When prices go down, people wait to buy, because prices might be cheaper later. This is why some of the scariest points in our economic history were in the 1930s and in 2009 when there was deflation. How did the government solve the problem? By printing money and going to war. That’s how scary it was. To solve the problem, we gave 18-year-old kids guns, sent them to another country, and told them to shoot other 18-year-olds. People have all sorts of statistics about the government debt and the dollar decreasing 97% in value since 1913, etc. I don’t care about all of that. I want to make money no matter what. Here’s what I see: my computers are cheaper. Housing prices haven’t gone up in 10 years. And people are finally starting to realize that paying for higher education isn’t worth as much as it used to be (too much student loan debt and not enough jobs). All electricity is cheaper. All books are cheaper. And I don’t have to go to the movies to watch a movie. All my music is basically free if I watch it on YouTube. Don’t get me wrong: inflation exists because the government and the corporations that run it are preventing deflation. But the natural order of things is to deflate. Eventually something bad will happen, and the carpet will be pulled out from under everyone. Perhaps if we have an inflationary bubble. Then deflation will hit hard, and you have to be prepared. In a deflationary world, ideas are more valuable than products. If you have ideas that can help people improve their businesses, then you will make a lot of money. For instance, I know one person who was sleeping on his sister’s couch until he started showing people how to give webinars to improve their businesses. Now he makes seven figures a year. This “webinar trick” won’t always work. But then he’ll have ideas for the next way to help people. Ideas are the currency of the 21st century, and their value is inflating, not deflating. 2) Chemistry The last 50 years was the “IT half-century,” starting with the invention of the computer, the widespread use of home computers, and then the domination of the Internet and mobile phones. Okay. Done. It’s not like innovation will stop in that area. It won’t. Every year computers will get better, more apps will be useful, etc. But the greatest innovations are over for now (DNA computing will happen, but not until after what I’m about to say does). As an example: the next versions of my laptop and my cellphone have already come out. But, for the first time ever, I have no real need to get them. And I’m an upgrade addict. But the upgrades just weren’t big enough. I don’t even think I understand the differences between the next generation of cellphones and last year’s generation (tiny changes in battery and pixel numbers, but only tiny). Here’s what’s going to change: chemistry. The number of grad students in chemistry is at an all-time low versus the number of grad students in computer science or information technology. And yet, we’re at a point where almost everything we do requires advances in chemistry rather than IT. For instance, Elon Musk is creating a billion-dollar factory to make batteries. Well, for Elon’s sake, wouldn’t it be better if we had a more efficient way to use lithium so that batteries can last longer? DNA computing, while it would create a great advance in computer technology, is almost 100% dependent on advances in biochemistry. Many people call the US the “Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas.” But what good does it do us if we can’t convert the gas into liquids that fill up our car? Right now every country uses Fischer-Tropsch technology—a chemical process that is 90 years old—to turn gas into liquids. And it’s expensive to use it. Wouldn’t it be better if someone could develop a groundbreaking change here? I can list 50 problems that chemistry can solve that would make the world better. But it’s not sexy, so people have stopped studying it. This will change. Not because it’s a futurist trend, but because for 3,000 years, changes in society were largely due to chemistry advances (e.g., harvesting wheat) rather than computer advances. I’m just taking an old trend and saying, “Hey, don’t forget about it. We still need it.” A simple example: DuPont and Dow Chemical, the two largest chemical companies, have had 50% and 38% year-over-year earnings growth respectively compared with Apple (12%). But nobody cares. 3) Employee-free Society Before 200 years ago, we never really had employees. Then there was the rise of corporatism, which many confused with capitalism. I’m on the board of a $1 billion in revenue employment agency. We’ve gone from $200 million in revenues to $1 billion just in the past few years. Why did we move up so fast when the economy has basically been flat? For two reasons: The Pareto principle, which says that 80% of the work is being done by 20% of the people. So a lot of people are being fired now, since 2009 gave everyone the carte blanche excuse. Dan Steinhart Managing Editor of The Casey Report Three Trends for the Next 50 Years By James Altucher I’m not a big believer in the future. I mean, it will exist—we know that. But that’s about it. CXO Advisory Group has analyzed the predictions of hundreds of pundits. Are the talking heads on TV right or wrong? You know, the ones who say Ebola will end the world, or the ones who said Enron was just having accounting problems. It turns out the pundits’ predictions are right only 47% of the time. I think they are being nice to the pundits. I would say pundits are right about 12% of the time. But I pulled that number out of a hat, and they did a statistical study, so who knows? I don’t like making predictions. They get in the way of my digestion. All of that future thinking clogs up the pipes. But there’s a great way to evaluate whether a prediction is true or not. It involves a simple phrase we all know: “This time things will be different.” We know that phrase is always wrong. We know that things stay the same. I’ll give a great example: my 15-year-old doesn’t have email. She doesn’t really use a computer except for homework. But she does use her phone. She texts everyone. Email has been popular for almost 20 years. But the phone has been popular for over 100 years. Not that new things are bad. We’re not using the phone from the year 1900. We’re using a phone that is a more powerful computer than the top supercomputers from 20 years ago, and it fits into our pocket. Two things happen: what was popular in the past will be popular for at least as long in the future (expect at least another 100 years of teenage girls texting relationship advice to their friends); and Dear Reader, Today we welcome back one of our most popular contributors, James Altucher. A serial entrepreneur, James started, built up, and sold two companies for $10 million each. Now he’s a fund manager at Formula Capital, where he manages a portfolio of angel investments. He’s also one of the best writers and thinkers I know. James wrote the following piece exclusively for Casey Research subscribers to explain three investable trends that he expects to dominate the next few decades. Enjoy. And to all of our American readers, Happy Thanksgiving! Because of the holiday, we won’t be publishing a Casey Daily Dispatch tomorrow. It will be back on Friday, however.center_img Regulations that are too difficult to follow. It’s getting pretty difficult to figure out what you need to do with an employee. Health care is a great example, but there are 1,000 other examples. So what’s happening, for better or worse, is a rising wave of solo-preneurs and lifestyle entrepreneurs—exactly what happened for the hundreds of years that capitalism was around before stiff and rigid corporatism (teamed with unions) became the primary but fake “stable” force in our lives. This is why companies like Uber are flourishing. You have a workforce (the drivers), logistics software in the middle, and people willing to pay for that workforce. Our GDP and our startups are going to start to drift in the Uber direction. Uber in San Francisco last month did three times as many rides as all the cab drivers in SF combined. Corporate life was never really stable, and now we know that. The problem is: while we were all in our cubicles (and I’ve been guilty of this for many years as well), we stopped being creative, stopped having ideas, and just took orders from the gatekeepers: bosses, colleagues, government, education, family. We let other people choose what was best for us instead of doing the choosing ourselves. If you let someone else do the choosing for you, the results won’t be good, and you’ll get resentful. Bad things will happen. I don’t have a direct stock tip on this. This is not about stocks. It’s about taking an approach where you get your life back so you can have wealth and abundance over the next 50 years. One thing to try is to write down 10 ideas a day. This exercises the idea muscle and gets you 100x more creative than the average person over time. They could be business ideas, ideas to help other businesses, book ideas, or even ideas to surprise your spouse. Another trick is to take Monday’s ideas and combine them with Tuesday’s ideas. “Idea sex” is an awesome source of creativity. Ideas are the true currency of this next century. I don’t care about the dollar or gold or health care. Any movement in those will just create opportunities for people who know when to take advantage of them. The key is to become an idea machine. People say “ideas are a dime a dozen” or “execution is everything.” These statements are not really true. It’s difficult to come up with 10 new ideas a day (try it), and execution ideas are just a subset of ideas. I was going to make this 10 trends I see coming over the next 10 years. But at 1,900 words, I already shared three solid ones. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 for the rest, but these three trends are an important start. They’re already here, they’re already deeply affecting our society, and being ready for them will be the key to success in the coming years.last_img read more

first_img – But it’s not the only major warning sign. Earnings for companies in the S&P 500 have also fallen for five straight quarters. That’s the longest earnings drought since the 2008–2009 financial crisis. Stocks almost never rise during such prolonged periods of declining earnings. • To be clear, we aren’t saying the market has topped… Only fools make calls like that. We’re saying it looks like the market’s topped. And it would be just as foolish to ignore these red flags. Today, we’re going to tell you another reason why we think stocks may have peaked. This same warning sign flashed before the last two major stock market crashes. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can still make money (possibly triple-digit returns) in the coming months if you make the right moves today. We’ll tell you how to do this at the end of today’s issue. But before we get to that, let’s take a close look at this new warning sign. • Last month set a record for deal-making… Bloomberg reported a week ago: October as a whole was a record month for dealmaking, with almost half a trillion dollars of mergers and acquisitions announced globally. CenturyLink Inc.’s $34 billion acquisition of Level 3 Communications Inc., as well as General Electric Co.’s deal to combine its oil and gas division with Baker Hughes Inc., pushed October’s deal volumes to about $489 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That’s the highest amount for at least 12 years, topping the previous record of $471 billion in April 2007, the data show. • You might not think this is a big deal… After all, what’s so bad about companies buying each other? But mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity spiked before the last two major stock market crashes…and that has many Wall Street analysts worried. USA Today reported last week: October’s frenzied deal activity has caught the eye of analysts who note that similar bursts of corporate M&A activity in 1999-2000 and 2006-2007 occurred near stock market tops.… The robust M&A activity is sending up a yellow flag, as the past two times deal activity has spiked in a cluster of back-to-back years was in the run-up to the 2000 dot-com stock crash and 2008 financial crisis. As you may recall, the NASDAQ plunged 78% during the dot-com crash. The S&P 500 fell 57% during the 2008–2009 financial crisis. • Most companies don’t buy other companies when business is good… They buy other companies when their business is struggling. You see, a company can make itself bigger, practically overnight, by buying another company. And that can boost sales or profits. That’s the reasoning behind the biggest deal proposed this year… As you’ve probably heard, telecom giant AT&T (T) offered to buy media powerhouse Time Warner (TWX) for $85.4 billion two weeks ago. According to The Wall Street Journal, AT&T hopes the blockbuster deal will help the company grow: In the U.S., AT&T lost 268,000 mainstream wireless phone customers. Phone additions are considered important because they provide more service revenue than tablets, and customers with postpaid phone accounts tend to stay longer.… In all, AT&T’s total wireless revenues dipped 0.7%, to $18.2 billion, which the company blamed on decreases in service and equipment revenue.… The Time Warner deal is seen helping AT&T potentially find new areas of growth as its core wireless business has become saturated and its share of the mobile market leaves little room for acquisitions. • AT&T isn’t the only major U.S. company that’s used M&A to grow… Bloomberg reported last week: Just eight transactions account for more than $300 billion of the October total as megadeals continue to find favor among dealmakers.… So far this year, 32 deals valued at more than $10 billion have been struck. That puts 2016 on track to beat every year since 2007 except for last year, when a bumper 52 transactions of that size or more were announced. Given that corporate earnings have been falling since 2014, it’s safe to assume that companies are using M&A to offset the poor performance of their “core” business. Recommended Links • We see the recent spike in M&A activity as a major red flag… But many investors don’t see it this way. That’s because takeovers can boost a company’s profits…at least in the short term. And that can lift a company’s share price. Legendary investor Carl Icahn thinks those investors are making a big mistake. Icahn, who has one of the greatest trading records ever, warned last year: [What companies] do with the money is almost perverse. They just go in and buy another company to show analysts on Wall Street that their earnings are going up so their stock will go up. It’s financial engineering at its height. Icahn is specifically referring to “cheap money.” He added: [I]t’s like taking a drug, borrowing money very cheaply, taking over another company. You feel good. It’s like steroids. The athlete’s jumping pretty high. And so those companies can show a huge EBITDA number that we all know is not going to be there in two or three years.… So, these earnings are fallacious. • You see, the Federal Reserve has held its key interest rate near zero for the last eight years… This has made it incredibly cheap for companies to borrow money. According to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), U.S. corporations have borrowed $9.1 trillion in the bond market since 2010. That’s 55% more than they borrowed in the seven years leading up to the 2008–2009 financial crisis. Companies have racked up huge debts even though corporate profits have been falling since 2014. And now, corporate balance sheets are weaker than they were during the last financial crisis. The Wall Street Journal reported last month: Median debt at junk-rated companies is five times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda, according to Moody’s data. That compares with 4.2 times in 2008. The debt ratio for investment-grade companies is 2.6 times Ebitda, compared with 2.2 times in 2009, Moody’s data show. • Icahn is betting U.S. stocks will crash… Icahn’s investment fund, Icahn Enterprises, had a “net short position” of 138% at the end of last quarter. This means the fund had 138% more bearish bets than bullish bets. For example, if you own $100,000 worth of stocks and also short (bet against) $238,000 worth of stocks, you’re 138% net short. Last week, Barron’s reported that “[m]uch of that position is in the equity market, including major indexes.” • Doug Casey is betting U.S. stocks will fall, too… Earlier this year, Doug made a HUGE bet on gold. He invested about $1 million of his own money in gold stocks. These stocks, as Dispatch readers know, are leveraged to the price of gold. In other words, the price of gold doesn’t have to rise much for them to soar. Consider the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), which tracks large gold stocks. It’s up 74% this year, or nearly four times the 21% jump in the price of gold. • Now, to be clear, Doug didn’t buy GDX or any fund like it… He bought tiny gold stocks with massive upside potential. Most analysts have never even heard of these stocks. But Doug found them because he’s spent four decades developing a secret method of finding gold stocks with huge upside. Doug’s approach, which we call “The Casey Method,” has handed him incredible gains on gold stocks. We’re talking returns of 487%, 711%, and even 4,329%. You can learn more about The Casey Method by watching this new presentation. You’ll also learn how to access nine gold stocks that Doug and his team recently found using this same method. Each of these stocks could double in the coming months. Some could go even higher. To learn about The Casey Method—and how to access the names of these nine stocks—click here. Chart of the Day The entire global stock market appears to have peaked. Today’s chart shows the performance of the FTSE All-World Index, which tracks stocks from all around the world. You can see this key index set an all-time high last year. But, like the S&P 500, it didn’t hold its new high for long. After rallying earlier this year, the FTSE All-World Index is “rolling over” again. This is a bad sign for investors around the world. It means stocks from Tokyo to London could be headed lower. If you’re nervous about stocks, we encourage you to own physical gold. As we often say, it’s the ultimate safe-haven asset. Investors buy it when they’re nervous about stocks or the economy. If stocks keep falling, investors across the world could take shelter in gold. And that could send the price of gold much higher. If you’re as wary of the broad stock market and the economy as we are, you might also want to own gold stocks. As we explained above, they’re the best way to profit from rising gold prices. — Regards, Justin Spittler Delray Beach, Florida November 7, 2016 We want to hear from you. If you have a question or comment, please send it to We read every email that comes in, and we’ll publish comments, questions, and answers that we think other readers will find useful. Doug Casey’s Urgent Prediction for Today Until tonight, the founder of Casey Research is sharing a prediction that could have a huge impact on your wealth in the months to come. According to Doug, thousands of Americans are overlooking a huge opportunity right now. The last time we saw this market opportunity, you could have doubled your money 15 times. Click here for details before tonight at midnight. Signs of a market top are popping up everywhere. As you probably know, the S&P 500 set a new all-time high in early July…its first since May 2015. Normally, it’s a bullish sign when an index like the S&P 500 sets a new high. But U.S. stocks didn’t keep rising after “breaking out.” Instead, they’ve fallen. Just take a look at the chart below. You can see that the S&P 500 has fallen nine days in a row, its longest losing streak since 1980. It’s now below the high it reached in early July. That’s not a good sign. Even if Hillary Beats Trump, She LOSES… Does it really matter if Hillary comes out on top in the election? Maybe not. Because, guess what… According to a new finding by an ex-advisor to the CIA and Pentagon… winning the White House may work out to be a DISASTER for Hillary. No, it’s got nothing to do with her husband’s scandals… or the unwinnable War on Terror. It’s a whole different kind of threat, one even she didn’t count on. Click this link and find out what it is. Hillary must be terrified…last_img read more

The Alabama Department of Public Health is warning

first_imgThe Alabama Department of Public Health is warning those who live in the South that while the weather’s beautiful outside, bugs like mosquitoes and ticks can be a lot more dangerous than causing itchy welts.If you’re hiking, mowing the lawn or playing outdoors, you’ll probably run into one or both. While most bites won’t cause any issues other than an urge to scratch, ticks and mosquitoes can transmit viruses and bacteria when they bite, causing illnesses ranging from mild to fatal.Luckily, those diseases can be prevented by following some easy prevention rules from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Use bug repellents containing 20 percent DEET; follow instructions carefully.Wear loose-fitting long sleeves and long pants.Get rid of standing water outdoors from items like flowerpots, buckets, tires and children’s pools.Clean clogged gutters and drainage ditches.Remove leaf litter from yards and keep grass short.last_img read more

TUSCALOOSA – The Tuscaloosa County Sheriffs Depar

first_imgTUSCALOOSA – The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department needs your help locating some of Tuscaloosa’s Most Wanted.Twyla Wyteria Coleman, 32, is last known to be living in the area of Clover Road in Tuscaloosa. Coleman is wanted on charges of property theft.Marshall Wade Brown, 42, is last known to be living in the area of Coco Lane in Brookwood. Brown is wanted on property theft charges.Brandon Oneal Bush, 33, is last known to be living in the area of First Avenue in Tuscaloosa. Bush is wanted on charges of possession of a controlled substance.If you have any information on these or any others wanted by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, please call 205-464-8672 or visit You can also visit TCSO on Facebook here, or on Twitter here.last_img read more

MONTGOMERY Ala AP – Alabama Gov Kay Ivey is e

first_imgMONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is expected to announce a gas tax proposal this week as infrastructure improvement takes center stage in this year’s legislative session.Ivey’s press office said she will have a Wednesday news conference to announce an infrastructure plan.A proposed gas tax increase to fund road and bridge construction is expected to be among the top issues in the legislative session that begins Tuesday.The governor is expected to disclose details of the infrastructure proposal that she first teased in her inaugural address.In her inaugural address last month, Ivey said Alabama must improve infrastructure to compete in a 21st century global economy.Wednesday’s news conference will be held in Maplesville.(Copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)2/25/2019 11:47:04 AM (GMT -6:00)last_img read more

THESSALONIKI – In another unstoppable act of sport

first_imgTHESSALONIKI – In another unstoppable act of sports violence, fans tried to invade the soccer field, halting the semi-final game between PAOK and Olympiacos.The game was abandoned a minute before the end with Olympiacos, which had just won its 18th regular season title in 20 years, leading 2-1 at PAOK’s home field.The Greek sports federation, which has done little to stop violence at stadia, will decide whether Olympiacos is awarded a 3-0 win and whether to penalize PAOK, although previous attempts at corraling misbehavior hasn’t worked.PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis said after the match that he will not let the squad go to Piraeus for the return leg, which would entail the deduction of more points from the league table.PAOK fans were upset the home team didn’t get a penalty shot a minute before the game ending, giving their team a chance to tie. PAOK protested too, leading to a red card and ejection for Robert Mak.The hosts protested fiercely against the refusal of the referee to award PAOK a penalty on the 89th minute, leading to a red card shown to PAOK’s Robert Mak for dissent.Mak had given PAOK a 1-0 leader before Esteban Cambiasso tied it and David Fuster gave Olympiacos the 2-1 lead.PAOK fans threw objects on the field, at the referees and Olympiacos players and set off flares, which the audience is allowed to bring into games. Police tried to stop them but failed as they clashed with fans.Earlier, a water cup thrown from the stands had hit Olympiacos coach Marco Silva who was so upset he left the post-match press conference. PAOK Manager Igor Tudor said: “Greek soccer is corrupt.” TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

For Immediate Release August 25 2009 COLUMBUS Oh

first_imgFor Immediate ReleaseAugust 25, 2009COLUMBUS, Ohio (OFBF) – Rebecca Vincent of East Canton, Ohio, is one of 22 farmers and agribusiness professionals selected by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) to participate in the 2009-2010 AgriPOWER program. She is employed by the Robert J. Matthews Company as animal health supplies sales representative. Additionally, her family owns and operates a cow/calf farming operation in Stark County.AgriPOWER was launched last year by OFBF as an elite training program designed to help participants become leaders, advocates and activists for Ohio agriculture. The yearlong program consists of seven weekend institutes that focus on public policy issues confronting agriculture and the food industry.Topics covered during various institute programs consist of public policy issues facing local communities, the state of Ohio, the nation and the world. Additionally, specific sessions will help class members develop important skills necessary to becoming an effective leader, activist and advocate, including public speaking, parliamentary procedure, social networking and communications and more. One of the institute programs will be held in Washington, D. C. to help class members gain a valuable understanding of national and global issues.“Ohio Farm Bureau is committed to developing grassroots leaders,” said Keith Stimpert, OFBF senior vice president of public policy. “The intensive training provided by AgriPOWER will equip these individuals to make significant contributions to the viability of Ohio agriculture.”In addition to OFBF, AgriPOWER partners include Bob Evans, Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation, Nationwide, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, American Dairy Association MidEast, American Farmland Trust, Town & Country Co-op, Ohio Pork Producers Council, Ohio Corn Growers Association, Fulton County Farm Bureau, Ohio Sheep Improvement Association, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Beef Council, Ohio Soybean Council and Dairy Farmers of America.For additional information about AgriPOWER, please contact OFBF at 614-246-8261 or -30-CONTACT: David WhitePHONE: (614) 246-8261 or(614) 361-9113E-MAIL: Attachments09AgriPower_Vincent.jpg FacebookTwitterPinterestAddThis0Share Leave a Commentcenter_img FacebookTwitterPinterestAddThis0Share Leave a Commentlast_img read more

While youre here …we have a small favor to ask M

first_imgWhile you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron* Furry Feature: *Advertisement* Check out our weekly social media highlights from residents, visitors, and more in the area. To be featured, tag us @northend.waterfront on Instagram, @northendboston on Twitter, @northendwaterfront on Facebook. Use hashtags #northendboston or #bostonwaterfront.Festival Seasoncenter_img Sail Boats Summer Funlast_img read more

GTA Cos Greg Antonelli donated this years turke

first_imgGTA Co.’s Greg Antonelli donated this year’s turkeys for the annual lunch at the ABCD North End / West End Neighborhood Service Center. The lunch serves many seniors and low-income residents in the community.Pictured Greg Antonell, President, GTA Co., Inc. and Maria Stella Gulla, Executive Director, ABCDlast_img

Fake cop accosts real cops is arrested in Pateros

first_imgFake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros MORE STORIESnewsinfoGrenade found in Davao Sur school drainagenewsinfoPoe bats for ‘social media awareness’ lesson in schoolsnewsinfoTeacher fired for allegedly filming porn in school classroomMORE STORIESnewsinfoGrenade found in Davao Sur school drainagenewsinfoPoe bats for ‘social media awareness’ lesson in schoolsnewsinfoTeacher fired for allegedly filming porn in school classroom Angara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution system Read Next French language school in Cebu bares November offerings More than 1,000 pupils of Guba Elementary School were treated to a fun-filled activity by Cebu Eastern College 88 Foundation Inc. spearheaded by its president, Dewey Choachuy Jr.Members of CEC high school batch 1988 trooped to the mountain barangay of Guba in Cebu City to distribute the more than 200 pairs of shoes to selected children.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES SMC bags Bulacan airport project Carpio gets nominated as CJ for 4th time Quake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anewcenter_img Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deal MOST READ The foundation also set up an inflatable castle at the school grounds for the children to play on.Barangay Guba is the adopted community of the foundation’s education support program, which is now on its fourth year of implementation.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOTolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China dealThe program has been supporting 165 scholars from elementary and high school.The annual activity is in partnership with the school and barangay officials of Guba and in celebration of the Children’s Month of October. Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros BPI nets P13.74B in H1 PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

Christine Souffrant Ntim is known for her tenacity

first_imgChristine Souffrant Ntim is known for her tenacity and innate ability to hustle, so it’s no wonder she became the topic of conversation after the Chris Sacca one-on-one conversation with Alex Konrad of Forbes at SXSW. Sacca has been very vocal about being in high support of diversity in tech. During his SXSW conversation, he mentions as one of his companies that people should focus on saying, “more than half the company is women.” In addition, it has, “a shockingly large number of engineers of color, product people of color, they operate in Africa. We have actual African computer science engineers. It’s an absolute victory,” says Sacca. He goes on to say, “I think there’s two reasons to pursue diversity and inclusion in our business. One is because you should really believe that there’s been hundreds of years of discrimination in our country. You should really believe, and it’s not disputable, that women earn .73 on the dollar compared to men and we should all do our part to fix that sh*t.”“Let’s say you’re a cold-hearted Scrooge McDuck a$$hole and you don’t take those things at face value. Either way, it just turns out, the data is clear that companies with women in the boardroom, women at the helm, women through all parts of the stack, diverse populations of employees with underrepresented people representing the company, they do better. They outperform,” states Sacca. So what happened during the Q&A section of this talk? Ntim was on her way to ask a question and two white male individuals tried to dart in front of her. According to Ntim, Sacca immediately called them out saying that he wanted the first question to either be from a woman or someone of a diverse background, putting her first at the mic. She went on to ask, “You get a lot of pitches so you see a lot of innovation from all over the world. Where do you think the next big thing is going to come from? Is it going to come from Silicon Valley or an emerging market like Haiti, and if so, would you be interested in coming to speak at the Haiti Tech Summit?”(Image: Christine Souffrant Ntim/Chris Sacca) Everyone was so impressed with the way that Ntim articulated her question after her close encounter with being shut out that, for the rest of the night, she was referred to as the girl with the question, referencing Sacca’s talk.What I found interesting about the entire scenario was that when two white males were clearly out of line, literally, after Sacca put them in their place, it took someone who looked like them to speak up. That’s the importance of having allies. I personally think there’s a bigger message here that is very much needed to create the diversity and equality we all deserve.With that being said, the question still remains; as a proponent of diversity, will Sacca continue this conversation at the Haiti Tech Summit? Sequoia Blodgett is the Technology Editor for Black Enterprise, Silicon Valley. She is also the founder of 7AM, a lifestyle, media platform, focused on personal development, guided by informed, pop culture.center_img be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more

NBA Star Caron Butler Talks Business Basketbal

first_img NBA Star Caron Butler Talks Business, Basketbal…Teen Scientists Do Real Science at American Mus…Nicole Roberts Jones on ‘Finding Your Fierce’ Google announced on Wednesday that it is donating $1 million to the social organization, Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and the launch of a new digital platform that focuses on the dark history of the lynching of African Americans.(Image: Google) The new site is based off of EJI’s Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror document. It features narratives from the descendants of blacks lynched in America as recently as the ’50s. An interactive map is also on the site, displaying lynching statistics by state and county.From Google’s blog post:Lynching in America is meant to motivate a conversation. We hope that you’ll not only visit this site but share its stories with others, and—as simple as it sounds—talk about it. As Bryan Stevenson says, “I don’t think we can create a generation of people in this country who are truly free, who are unburdened by this legacy and this history of racial terror, until we do the hard work of truth-telling.” In bringing EJI’s work to a wider audience, we hope to give all of us an opportunity to address our past and be part of the work of building a more just and equitable future.The search engine titan has a history of donating to causes that promote social justice. In February, Google provided provide $11.5 million in new funding to 10 racial justice organizations including the Center for Policing Equity, Impact Justice, and Center for Employment Opportunities—one of several groups funded that work on supplying the previously incarcerated with marketable job skills.Since 2015, has committed more than $5 million to nonprofits advancing racial justice. The foundation also gave Black Lives Matter half a million dollars in funding last year.center_img be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 read more


first_img More: Apparel Lockdown duffle bag Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva will go to war in a bout that will almost certainly end with a knockout. Who is your pick to deal out the damage in UFC Fight Night 33’s main event? King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Good Night Tee Amanda Nunes’ Biggest Threat? Sale Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement ProMax 440 BJJ GI Standard Ranked Rashguard Lights. Out. Standard BJJ Gi Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweights Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva are set to throw down in the main event of tonight’s (Dec. 6, 2013) UFC Fight Night 33 event from Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Quensland, Australia.This fight promises to be a heavy-hitting affair that probably won’t come down to the judges’ scorecards.Hunt has had an up-and-down past few years in mixed martial arts (MMA). He lost his last bout in spectacular fashion when former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos knocked him out with a spinning heel kick at UFC 160 in May.Prior to that, “Super Samoan” had racked up a four-fight win streak and was knocking on the door of title contention.There’s no doubt he’s one of the most powerful and exciting fighters in UFC today. He has a golden opportunity to prove he can beat top heavyweights when he steps into the Octagon to face Silva.Number four-ranked Silva also lost his last bout, a UFC 160 championship fight against current UFC heavyweight titleholder Cain Velasquez. It was “Bigfoot’s” second technical knockout loss to Velasquez in less than one calendar year. Most fighters don’t get a chance to face the same champion that finished them with such a short turnaround, but Silva strung together two impressive victories over Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem.However, those wins were more a product of his opponents’ mistakes rather than “Bigfoot’s” skills proving dominant. Browne badly injured his hamstring attempting a wild kick early on in their bout, allowing Silva to move in for the kill. Overeem won the first two rounds against “Bigfoot” before he gassed and dropped his hands to his sides.Silva hasn’t shown the best chin in his short UFC tenure. That’s bad news in a big way for anyone fighting Hunt. This fight has “Knockout of the Night” written all over it. Let’s take a look at the keys to victory for Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva:Mark HuntRecord: 9-8 overall, 4-2 UFCKey Wins: Stefan Struve (UFC on FUEL TV 8), Mirko Filipovic (Pride Shockwave 2005), Wanderlei Silva (Pride Shockwave 2004)Key Losses: Junior dos Santos (UFC 160), Fedor Emelianenko (Pride Shockwave 2006), Josh Barnett (Pride Critical Countdown Absolute), Alistair Overeem (DREAM 5)Keys to Victory: Hunt possesses arguably the most dangerous weapon in all of MMA with his thunderous left hook. It’s the punch that he used to break Struve’s jaw earlier this year and it’s the punch that he’ll be looking to finish “Bigfoot” with.Hunt has an accomplished kickboxing record behind him. He amassed a 30-13 record and won the 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix Championship. That’s a striking resume that few MMA fighters can match. It’s also a skillset that is going to give “Bigfoot” fits this Friday night.If Hunt is able to land a leaping left hook on Silva’s chin the fight should end quickly. Hunt was taking it to dos Santos at UFC 160 before “Cigano” changed the course of the fight with a huge overhand right. It was also found that Hunt was suffering from a rather large hematoma in his leg.Those excuses don’t really matter at this point, but if Hunt is healed up from the injury he’ll be even more powerful than he was against dos Santos. We saw how much punishment dos Santos can absorb in his failed bid to regain the title against Velasquez at October’s UFC 166; Silva will not likely endure such a beating.Hunt is going to get in “Bigfoot’s” face from the opening bell to unleash his trademark power shots.His ground game is suspect with six of his eight career losses coming by submission. However, his wrestling statistics are actually better than Silva’s. Hunt has defended a slightly larger percentage of the takedowns attempted against him and he has a sizeable 18-percent advantage over “Bigfoot” in takedown accuracy.Those are surprising stats that will play to Hunt’s advantage at UFC Fight Night 33. “Super Samoan” has to keep this fight standing in order to avoid Silva’s submissions and pick him apart on the feet.Antonio SilvaRecord: 18-5 overall, 2-2 UFCKey Wins: Fedor Emelianenko (Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva), Alistair Overeem (UFC 156), Travis Browne (UFC on FX 5)Key Losses: Cain Velasquez (UFC 146, UFC 160), Daniel Cormier (Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov)Keys to Victory: “Bigfoot” is a massively powerful striker who has knocked out his opponent in 13 of his 18 total victories inside the cage. Hunt has an iron chin so “Bigfoot” has his work cut out for him here.Perhaps Silva’s best way to win against Hunt is to use his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. He’s only shown this skill set sparingly with three submission victories on his record. If he wants to stay conscious in Brisbane he should look to get this fight to the ground as soon as possible.Hunt may be able to defend his takedowns but that shouldn’t stop “Bigfoot” from trying. If he can gain an advantageous position on “Super Samoan,” he’ll go far in neutralizing the brutal knockout power Hunt has on the feet. Silva also has a black belt in judo so he should have a variety of throws and takedowns at his disposal. All told, he’s a very well-rounded martial artist for a man of his size.But his pride might take over and coax him into a slugfest against Hunt.That probably won’t work out in “Bigfoot’s” best interest. Silva definitely has the power and skill to knock out a large percentage of UFC heavyweights on the feet; Hunt just isn’t one of them. Despite his power Hunt has taken the best shots that K-1 kickboxers could deal out, so Silva won’t bring anything that Hunt hasn’t seen before. Getting this fight to the mat is Silva’s key to victory.We’ll see if he adheres to a concise gameplan or just crosses his fingers and lets his hands fly. The latter has a much higher chance of resulting in “Bigfoot” splayed out on the canvas.Bottom Line from Brisbane: The bottom line for this fight is that it would be an anomaly to see it go the distance. Both Hunt and “Bigfoot” are known for their power so it’s no surprise that they were booked against one another.”Bigfoot’s” lofty ranking may be a bit too generous as his wins over Browne and Overeem were arguably gift wrapped for him. But you can’t argue with his results and he’s only failed in UFC when he fought the best of the best in Velasquez.Hunt is eager to prove that he stills belongs in the heavyweight top 10. He should be more than motivated to knock out Silva with the full backing of his Australian fans behind him. “Super Samoan” is Australia’s most popular mixed martial artist because he lays it all on the line every time out.The jury is still out on whether or not he can actually take out a top contender, however.That’s why Silva is a perfect test for Hunt. He’s a huge fighter who brings a solid overall game to the Octagon. “Bigfoot” has gotten emotional in his previous bouts, namely against Overeem, so he’s going to have to corral that tendency in Brisbane.The crowd will be booing him loudly throughout and he can’t let that affect him.Hunt is usually calm and collected in his fights. But he won’t have to worry about the crowd in this case because they are there to see him put Silva’s lights out.If “Bigfoot” deviates from what should be an obvious strategy of implementing his top-flight ground game, those fans could easily get their wish. Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Starscenter_img There’s UFC Heavyweights, And Then There’s Shaq Latest From MMA Warehouse Fight Motion! Watch Holloway, Cyborg Do Work Via Ghost Cam Accessories Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender More From Latest From Our Partners Midnight Mania! Trump Family In The ‘Chaos’ Corner? Gloves Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career Gordon Ryan Competition Kit Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Bizzy Was Sneaking Needles Into The Toilet For GSP Fightlast_img read more